Kids & Money: 529 What? Bolster a College Savings Plan

We recently started 529 Plans at Charles Schwab for our sons. We chose Schwab because they are very user-friendly and good to their customers. Plus we already had an existing account, which makes funding very simple. If you have not set up a college savings account for your child(ren), I suggest at least considering it. [Read On]

Toddler Inspired Practical Life


I’m sure that I’m not alone in admitting that every so often I find myself in an uninspiring slump or creative block. Call it what you will but it’s an uncomfortable place. So the other day as I sighed and moped around my kitchen trying to pull a meal together, my two year old interrupted [Read On]

Project Montessori at Home – Our Mornings


My goal is to set up my little man’s activity area each evening post bedtimes. I am sure this set up will evolve as my boys grow up and as our space begins to cater more to homeschooling (we’re considering finishing the garage into a classroom/playroom). Actually I know this set up will evolve over [Read On]

Dirt Devil Vacuum Bag Puppet – Early Literacy and Language Tool

Patricia the Pig

As I was cleaning out our utility closet (I know, gasp!), I came across unused vacuum bags from our old dirt devil cleaner. Like the trusty mom raising two kids two and under, my first thought was ‘what can I create for my boys?’ Never could I throw away such a fabulous supply! Here is [Read On]

Our Letter Baskets – The Letter B


Letter Baskets are a great early literacy tool. Each week we will focus on a different letter. I will start the week by putting a few items in the basket and by talking with my son about the items. The goal is to learn the sounds of the alphabet by connecting (the sound of) the [Read On]

Project Montessori at Home – Our Transformation: The Snack Drawer

Montessori Food Drawer

I’m in the process of transforming our home based on the Montessori philosophy. I have so many ideas whipping around my brain that I decided to make one change each day, or try to at least, that gets us closer to the goal. I’ll share these steps with you. Create a snack drawer or cabinet [Read On]