“Mom’s Best Chicken Ever” Puree


Out of all the baby food purees I have made for my little taste tester, this chicken puree was one of his favorites by far. He could not get enough of it.  Good news for you is that this puree is easy and packed full of goodness including spinach, carrots and brown rice. There is […]



Avocados are a wonderful first food for your little one because they are creamy and smooth. There was a great blog post recently on Avocados at Food with Kid Appeal. Definitely check it out. I personally love avocados. I slice them up, sprinkle a little salt and mmmm. Delicious. The good news is that avocados […]

Butternut Squash Apple Puree

Butternut Squash Apple

Super easy and super yummy. Your little one is sure to love this smooth, sweet purée. Adapted from Annabel Karmel‘s recipe. Doesn’t get too much easier than this recipe but oh so good. Full of great stuff for your Little One too! Time required: 20 minutes Servings: ~20 ounces or ~4 servings Tools: Peeler Cutting […]

Beet Black Bean Puree


Just because my Little Man did not take to this puree doesn’t mean your kiddos won’t like it. Being the beet fan that I am, I was particularly disappointed that my Little Guy was not into this puree. You win some and you lose some. Perfect For: 7+ months Time required: 75 minutes, 60 minutes […]



Honestly I don’t make lentils often.  Okay, I admit it.  I have NEVER made lentils.  See, isn’t this great?  My little man is my muse.  Making food for him opens up his world and my world too.  Fantastic (says the girl who went to her local fish market for the first time today and found […]