Children’s Books about Seeds

children's books about seeds

This list of children’s books about seeds is unique. I tried to think out of the box, to give you and your children a different connection to nature. I hope I succeeded at making that new connection for you. Five Unique Children’s Books about SeedsClick To TweetPowered By CoSchedule Children’s Books about Seeds A Seed [...]

Garden Activities for Kids

learning about pollination

Spring is in the air. Summer is right around the corner. I have an affinity toward all seasons but this time of renewal is special. We have done several gardening activities. So, I thought I would share our favorite garden activities for kids.  Enjoy! Garden Activities for Kids Our Garden {Outdoor Classroom} My sons helped [...]

Celebrating the Old with the New


I love spring. I love the smells and the sunshine. I love the refreshing feeling of growth and life. I relished in spring and summer this past year. I took many photos of our budding and blossoming garden. Inspiring and lovely. Then it occurred to me that the other end of the life cycle is [...]

Our Garden {Outdoor Classroom}


My sons helped cultivate our gardens this year. We did most things together. They helped me pull up grass, till soil, choose seeds, plant seeds, build beds, dump and turn soil, compost, water our babies, weed and ultimately harvest our goodies. We’re definitely having some beginner’s luck in this glorious Pacific Northwestern summer. I feel [...]

Gardening Tools for Kids


“Children are born naturalists. They explore the world with all of their senses, experiment in the environment, and communicate their discoveries to those around them.” ~ The Audubon Nature Preschool For me, the main goal of gardening with kids is to create a sense of awe and wonder of the world. Plus they learn ao [...]

Gardening with Kids {Make a Worm Tower}

worm tower

Today at Garden Camp we made a Worm Tower to carry home with us. You can do this activity anywhere you might find a multitude of worms. You’d be surprised where you can buy worms too! The Tower is a fancy way of describing a travel case for your worms. We made our Worm Tower [...]

How to Make A Magic Seed Star Garden Activity for Kids


Have you ever wondered how to make a magic seed star? This garden activity for kids is the perfect and fun way to introduce growing plants to kids! Our adventure in Garden Camp continues this week. Yesterday I highlighted the super easy DIY Planter we made in class. We are enjoying every minute of getting [...]