Grandma’s Sweet Potato Puffs


As some of you know I am currently pondering finger foods. A lot of them. My little guy is ten months old, has five teeth and is incredibly curious about what his mom and dad are eating.  I am sure you can all relate. I have tried many, have had success and failure. In any [Read On]

Chicken, Spinach and Apple Puree with Ginger

Chicken is a great base for many purees. Not only an excellent source of protein for your little one but it also goes very well with a variety of fruits, vegetables and spices.  So have fun with chicken.  Go nuts.  We do, all the time.  We added Ginger to this puree. I love the spice, [Read On]

Beef Satay Puree


We arrived home from Europe this evening, well, this afternoon but you know it goes. Jetlag + an 8 month old = blogging at 2am. I am really excited to start cooking in my own kitchen again. I thought what better way to start than to go on a trip to Thailand and borrow a [Read On]