9 Ways to Teach Money Sense to Kids At Any Age

Chores Preschooler

+ FIND the time and prioritize early financial literacy. You don’t have to come up with fancy learning exercises, just be yourself and talk to your child as you’re grocery shopping, stopping at an ATM, paying bills, etc. The timing can never be too late or too early. So go for it. Start the conversation. [...]

A few simple ways to teach your toddlers & preschoolers about financial responsibility

Teaching Kids about Money

I wrote this post over a year ago for another blog. I am so happy to share my thoughts on Carrots Are Orange! My son is only 17 months old but he gets that dad leaves for work every morning and that he comes home to us every evening. We walk him to the door, [...]

5 Tips & Activities for Teaching Kids about Money

It is never too early to start applying lessons about financial responsibility. These tips on teaching spending responsibility may just do the trick for your younger children. Have fun & good luck! 1. Keep the Change: One of my memories as a young child was my mother giving me a dollar or two for the [...]

The Sensitive Period for Movement – Yoga

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I love how the “sensitive period” for movement within the Montessori philosophy is birth – 4 years old. Such a long time to work on these life skills. That period is divided up, basically in half, where the first 2 + years are spent developing fine and gross motor skills and the second 2 + [...]

Reading Corner – A Chair for My Mother

Review This book is most well suited for children age 6 and up. Drawing on inspiration of her Depression era childhood, in “A Chair for my Mother” Vera Williams delivers a very raw, sweet story told from the perspective of a young girl named Rosa being raised by her single mother and grandmother. We don’t [...]