Learning about Frogs in Preschool


We were thrilled to find tree frog spawn in our pond. The males frogs have been croaking up a storm in our forest in the evenings. The rhythm is beautiful but it sure does make me wonder where they all hide during the day. The chorus sounds like one of thousands. The eggs really are [Read On]

Parts of the Honey Bee {Free Printable}


This post is a short one. As part of my Montessori certification, I am completing a unit on the honeybee. I have many fun activities up my sleeve coming soon. In the meantime, revisit a few Montessori inspired honey bee works in this post and enjoy these free parts of the honey bee nomenclature cards. [Read On]

Celebrating the Old with the New


I love spring. I love the smells and the sunshine. I love the refreshing feeling of growth and life. I relished in spring and summer this past year. I took many photos of our budding and blossoming garden. Inspiring and lovely. Then it occurred to me that the other end of the life cycle is [Read On]

Learning about Pollination


If you think in terms of a year, plant a seed; if in terms of ten years, plant trees; if in terms of 100 years, teach the people. ~ Confucius   We’ve all seen the various life cycle work and wonderful activities. I am a big believer in showing a child the life cycle of [Read On]

Life Cycle of a Honey Bee {Story Sequence Cards}


A great pre-reading activity are the use of story sequence cards. I am completing a unit on Honeybees. I created Lifecycle of a Honeybee story sequence cards. I had to share them with you, of course!  Thank you to Nasa for the lovely Lifecycle of a Honeybee illustration. I printed out the below image, cut [Read On]

Reading Corner: An Apple’s Life by Nancy Dickman

apples life

An Apple’s Life by Nancy Dickman is part of the Watch It Grow series, which I recently discovered at our local library. This book takes the reader through the lifecycle of an apple with real images and simple language. An Apple’s Life is geared towards pre-schoolers on up to elementary schoolers but the images can [Read On]