How to Encourage Early Math Skills


I am completing my Montessori Math album. As I review the brain research behind why and how to teach mathematical thinking to young children, I am drawn back to an article written by Mary Schneider of Woodinville Montessori School and MEIPN. She succinctly describes why we cannot “teach” math to young children and how we [...]

St. Patrick’s Day Montessori Sorting Activity

St. Patrick's Day Montessori Preschool Sorting Activity

Holidays give added meaning to simple every day Montessori inspired activities. This St. Patrick’s themed sorting activity is one example. We used a lei I picked up from Dollar Tree. The lei was made up of green and white fake (duh) flowers. I took the lei apart by cutting the string and sliding the flowers [...]

Texture Cards

Texture Matching Game

Here in the Puget Sound area we have this wonderful store called “Creation Station“. Creation Station has all sorts of odd objects great for arts, crafts and various other activities for a very reasonable price. You can also purchase online and have the materials sent to you. I purchased the “art box” which came with [...]