Take a Virtual Trip to China with Kids


I am knee deep in reading a book called The Absorbent Mind by Maria Montessori. Here is a section that I read last night: “Is the child’s mental horizon limited to what he sees? No. He has a type of mind that goes beyond the concrete. He has the great power of imagination…We often forget [Read On]

What does it mean to be Green? {MemeTales & PBSKids Readathon}


The topic of “being green” is a popular one in our home. We’ve done Earth Day play dates and a variety of Earth Day activities. I fell in love with Rana DiOrio’s What Does It Mean to Be Green? many months ago. In fact I love Little Pickle Press’ whole line of offerings. The books [Read On]

Use an Aesop Fable to Teach ‘Be True to Yourself’


I love Aesop’s The Donkey and the Wolf. We downloaded it from Memetales and auto played it on our iPad for my 3 year old son. He enjoyed the story but, at 3 years old, he had a lot of questions about the relationship, why they would want to hurt one another and so on. [Read On]