Apricot Puree


I can hardly believe my littler boy is now past the six month mark and experimenting with solid foods. Part of me is sad but another part of me is a little too excited to pull out the BEABA and start experimenting with baby’s first foods. Yesterday I walked up to the farmers’ market to [Read On]

Pumpkin Puree – A Great One for Getting Started


My latest obsession? Baking with real pumpkin. I swear it is easy and it makes whatever you are cooking more moist, and, thus in my opinion, better.  You can steam pumpkin but I prefer to roast because it enhances the wonderful pumpkin flavor. It takes more time to roast but not more effort. In fact, [Read On]

Cinnamon Apple Pumpkin Puree


I love fall.  Cannot get enough of fall.  There is nothing like a cozy fall afternoon, book in hand, little ones napping (right?), blanket and maybe even your partner by your side. Even in Seattle this year we’re getting the semblance of a fall. So, let’s celebrate the warm and fuzziness of fall by bringing [Read On]

Getting Started on Solids – my Little Man’s First and Favorite Puree – Carrot

First Foods

After about a month of mixing breastmilk and rice cereal, which wasn’t hugely popular with my little guy, I moved on to bigger and better basic purees (thank god). The first question you might be asking is ‘how do I know when my little one is ready to move on?’ I don’t have the greatest [Read On]

Two Fingerfoods that Saved My Sanity

Jack eating - CAO

As you know we are in a transition in my household. Purees are a thing of the past and now we’re onto the big stuff. Well, the problem is my little guy is a texture eater and it is tough to find something he will keep in his mouth. He explores exploring his food, which [Read On]

Spinach Carrot Chicken Puree

Super easy, packed with nutrients. There is a reason why Popeye ate spinach. Spinach is an amazing edible flowering plant. I try to integrate it into many dishes I make for the Little Man.  The carrots bring a sweetness that offsets the bitterness of spinach that may turn off many little ones (and adults!).  Adding [Read On]