Our Spring Surprise {Kids & Gardening}

spring surprise

A few weeks ago we had an Earth Day Party. I was a little disappointed that the “plant a seed” activity didn’t execute as I had hoped. The kids found the bush beans seeds and scatted them throughout our yard and into the sensory bins. Yesterday I finally started to clean up the piles of [Read On]

Leeks Strike Again!

What can I say? My obsession with leeks continues. I just hope the little man doesn’t get sick of them (but how could he?). I picked up some gorgeous leeks along with potatoes, spinach and parsnips at our local farmers market, and, voila, there is a beautiful smooth creamy puree. Oh, and add a pinch [Read On]

Chicken Pot Pie


One of my hubby’s favorite meals in the universe is Pot Pie.  Reminds him of winter. He loves to ski. Pretty simple. I was happy to choose CHICKEN as my Sunday Clean Up ingredient and combine it with some amazingly delicious produce I picked up at the farmer’s market today. Chicken Pot Pie Perfect For: [Read On]

Little White Bean Puree

Beans rule. They are a great texture for baby, add creaminess and are a incredible source of nutrients. So, shocker, another Leek Puree. I can’t help it. I am on vacation in a foreign country sans comforts of home kitchen.  I strayed to what is familiar but I did add a twist to my normal [Read On]

Leek Puree

Sunday Clean Up is a bit more difficult this week since my fridge is several thousands miles away. Alas the point of Sunday Clean Up is “resourcefulness” so we can do that on the road. Little Man is doing really well adjusting to the 9 hour time change. His sleep is off only a bit [Read On]