Ice, Ice, Baby: Montessori Summer Activity


What ever happened to Vanilla Ice anyway? I’m hoping a few, or maybe just one, of you can relate to that reference. Ah, the early 90s… So it’s hot and we’re traveling a lot this summer. Besides the spectacular bodies of water in which to play and to explore, I needed something to do early [Read On]

Camping with a Toddler: Activities and Food

Camping with Kids

We have spent two weekends (so far) camping this summer. First, on beautiful Cape Disappointment in the most southwestern corner of Washington. With the dramatic views and spectacular beach, we had an incredible adventure, especially for our first family of four camping excursion. Next, we ventured to Salmon La Sac in eastern Washington on the [Read On]

Low Tide Beach Exploration Activities


Talk about sensory overload. We’re on Cape Cod for an annual vacation with my husband’s family. This morning we went exploring on the beach during low tide. What an amazing time for toddlers. Our son sprinting out to the beach, running and kicking through the warm, sea life filled tide pools I imagine will be [Read On]

Tangerines! Food for the senses, math & mobility


We love tangerines in our house. They are a wonderful fruit for so many reasons. The color, textures, taste, built in sensory activity and not to mention the health benefits. The recommended age for giving citrus to your babies is 12 months. That is when we started even though our pediatrician told us we’d be [Read On]

Crack the Nut


I have been reading a  lot about the Montessori method of teaching and learning.  The approach resonates with me and my husband very strongly and I look forward to introducing Montessori based activities and exercises in learning to our boys.  Some of the activities will be traditional Montessori, like nesting blocks for example, but others [Read On]

Homemade Playdough is good for the senses


I have been making loads of play dough lately. Don’t roll your eyes. It is very easy to do and takes very little time, I promise. Play dough is a great sensory exercise. Adding color, smell and texture too adds to the sensory experience for your child. My favorite recipe is from My Montessori Journey. [Read On]