Montessori at Home: Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills Basket Montessori at Home

We created a Fine Motor Skills/Manipulatives Basket over the weekend. Like many of you, we carry a vision with every activity we plan and this vision doesn’t always play out. This diversion of course is a wonderful part of the activity and should be worked into any vision. Our Fine Motor Skills/Manipulatives Basket: In our [Read On]

Practical Life & Fine Motor Skills – Salt & Pepper

Salt and Pepper

Sometimes the most simple, relevant and compelling activity to a child is right in front of our eyes. I was fixing lunch one afternoon and grabbed the pepper grinder to add a little spice to my tuna fish. Next thing I hear is “What’s that, mama?” He wanted a go. So, I set up a [Read On]

Simple Mandarin Chinese Exercise

Chinese Lesson Widgets My two year old takes mandarin once a week at a local language school. I supplement that one hour lesson with a few educational videos, books, songs and games. Kids at this age are sponges and watching their language development is simply breathtaking. The coolest part is that I am learning a ton [Read On]

Name that Sound


Our generation of kids is being called ‘IGen’ in some circles. Crazy, right? On the other hand, the name makes some sense. I’m conflicted about the use of technology and kids. For all practical purposes I basically have the attitude, ‘if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em’. I mean, all this crazy ‘i stuff’ is [Read On]

Project Montessori at Home – Our Transformation: The Snack Drawer

Montessori Food Drawer

I’m in the process of transforming our home based on the Montessori philosophy. I have so many ideas whipping around my brain that I decided to make one change each day, or try to at least, that gets us closer to the goal. I’ll share these steps with you. Create a snack drawer or cabinet [Read On]

Reading Corner: An Apple’s Life by Nancy Dickman

apples life

An Apple’s Life by Nancy Dickman is part of the Watch It Grow series, which I recently discovered at our local library. This book takes the reader through the lifecycle of an apple with real images and simple language. An Apple’s Life is geared towards pre-schoolers on up to elementary schoolers but the images can [Read On]