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Lott’s Tea Party is a sweet and simple book for your 2-5 year old that teaches word recognition but also problem solving and practical life. Sweet Lott is planning to host a tea party and this book takes us from the start of the idea to the pouring and enjoying of the tea by her friends. A lovely book about friendship that teaches children life learning lessons. The activity combines the wonders of the children’s book with movement and pretend play.

A few reasons why I adore Lott’s Tea party:

  • Integrates practical life in what it takes to prepare for a get together including chores
  • Vocabulary is different enough for the reason stated above that your child will learn new words (e.g. Vacuum, Decide, Wipe, Change, Decide, etc)
  • Integrates chronological order which is essential for a child’s understanding of the flow of his life and linear progression of time (e.g. timeline)
  • Sweet, simple and thoughtful illustrations



For the extension activity to the book, we used Action Cards specifically formatted with images from the creator Jane Marshall. She sent me the images and I put them in a document fitted for business card sized labels. I printed them on card stock, placed the image and the word matching the image back to back before placing into a laminator. I highly recommend laminating for safe keeping.





  • Once you have your Action Cards all ready, call your child over to you.
  • Pull out whatever device you’re using and read Lott’s Tea Party together.
  • Go through the pages again placing the cards in order of the book, matching the card to the page in the book.
  • Then lay the cards out, take turns choosing a card (with eyes closed for added excitement) and act out the card.



  • As you present the cards to your child, first ask him: ‘what do you think is happening in this picture’
  • Then ask, “what do you think will happen or needs to happen next?”
  • Ask him “why” questions like “Why do you think she is sweeping the floor?” or “Why do you think she is trying to decide between three dresses?” to provoke thinking beyond learning the word.
  • Point out how the word on the card matches the word in the book
  • As you lay out the cards in chronological order, create one long line to really get to the idea of a timeline.

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