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I am guessing you are a teacher or parent, or both, looking for fresh ideas for your home or classroom? Well, congratulations! You have arrived at the perfect place to gather that inspiration.

Carrots Are Orange is an early learning activity and parenting blog for parents and educators. Inspired by the work of Dr. Maria Montessori, Carrots Are Orange focuses on Montessori specific works, general learning activities including favorite topics such as reading & writing, STEM, outdoor education, project based learning, and parenting.

Mama and Baby

This is me with my oldest son (I have three of them) when he was a few months old. I hail from Maine, and now live east of Seattle on six acres of forest. Lots of adventures and fun!

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My goal is to be resourceful and accessible to YOU. I also want to make you laugh, to feel like you have a friend out there, and, if dreams do come true, to inspire you to be the best parent and teacher you can be!

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