[Free Printable] 12 Brilliant Chore Charts Ideas to Establish Daily Routines for Kids

Marnie Craycroft

Chore Charts for kids are an important addition to any home. To make my point, have you looked on Amazon… Read More

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8 Awesome Preschool Activities – Geography

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Looking for Delightful Read-Aloud Books for the Whole Family?

Reading together as a family has many benefits. Not only will it assist in igniting your child's lifelong love of… Read More

2nd Grade Homeschool Schedule – Week 1

Each week, I write up my son's progress, what we've been working on, and so on. He is 7 and… Read More

Grammar Activities for 7 Year OIds

As we continue our third year of homeschooling our 7-year-old, I am having a lot of fun creating exercises for… Read More

[Montessori Parenting] 75 Way to Raise a Montessori Kid

When my son was 2.5-years-old, he hopped off his chair and walked over to a cabinet. He pulled out dishes… Read More

[GUIDE] The BEST Engineering Toys for Kids

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Create a First Words Activity Box for Your Preschooler

This project lasted for years and was a prized possession. Teaching my kids to read was an exciting journey and… Read More

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