[Free Printable] 12 Brilliant Chore Charts Ideas to Establish Daily Routines for Kids

Marnie Craycroft

Chore Charts for kids are an important addition to any home. To make my point, have you looked on Amazon… Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Mindfulness for Kids Ideas & Resources

Mindfulness for kids is a trendy topic these days but oh so important. The idea that adults can nurture a… Read More

Learn What to Say to a Crying Child Instead of “What’s Wrong”

Asking a child why he is crying is adding fuel to the fire. So, why then is that our first… Read More

Stop Constant Whining with this Simple Parenting Approach

There is nothing more cringe worthy - okay, maybe fingers scratching across a chalkboard - than hearing a child whine.… Read More

8 Awesome Preschool Activities – Geography

This post includes 8 Preschool Activities for Geography that we love in our home. Preschoolers are ripe for learning geography,… Read More

The Best Games to Teach Kids Math & Money

We are huge fans of board games in our house and homeschool. Board games are a fantastic way to have… Read More

The BEST Second Grade Homeschool Curriculum & Resources

As the summer months inch closer and closer, I find myself beginning to romanticize about next year's homeschool learning. Yes,… Read More

How to Build a Mud Kitchen in Your BackYard

A mud kitchen is a really fun way outdoor play activity that will keep kids busy for hours. Don't be… Read More

45+ Outdoor Ideas for 6-Year Olds

Are you looking for outdoor activities for your kids? Yeah, yeah, it seems that outdoor activities should be as easy… Read More

Montessori Practical Life: Pouring Dry Goods

One of the early practical life exercises in a Montessori classroom, Pouring Dry Goods is typically introduced after or simultaneously… Read More

Resist Painting – Toddler & Preschool Activity

I am so excited about "Resist Painting" with our children. We actually have a neighbor who does AMAZING resist painting… Read More

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