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Why Baby Food is the Answer to Making the Grocery Store Fun with Kids


Let’s be honest, no one in their right mind enjoys going to the grocery store with kids four and under. I have the answer for you.

Two words: baby food.

Okay, two more: learning activities

Let’s be real, taking the kids to the grocery store is a reality for most of us.

organic food

Time to take a deep breath, suck it up, and figure out a way to make lemonade out of lemons. The grocery store, friends, is a learning opportunity. I am here to remind you of that fact and to tell you a few easy ways how you can make this happen.

Why Baby Food is the Answer to Avoid the Torture of Going to the Grocery Store with Kids

When we go to our local Safeway:

  1. I make sure to carry a few items with us that will help lead us through the grocery store with kids adventure.
  2. The first stop on our journey is always the baby food section.

Sprout BABY Food

Sounds funny, right?

Hear me now.

A hungry toddler is not funny.

That, my friends, is worse than going to the grocery store with kids. We drive our cart straight for the baby food pouches. My toddler chooses his own goodness of choice, which always happens to be Sprout® Organic baby food pouches. My toddler knows exactly what he wants and what he is going to get because the images on the packaging are beautiful and real. I’m happy because I know that Sprout® Organic toddler and baby food is the only brand of baby food without preservatives and additives. Two thumbs up.

organic baby food

He throws a dozen or so in our cart (for an easy lunch or dinner!), grabbing one for the road. One of the many amazing things about Sprout® Organic baby food pouches is the portability. Food on the go is a must in our family. PLUS, Sprout® Organic baby food doesn’t give my children quick energy. The product is healthy and gives my children the energy they need to make it through the grocery store adventure. Win. Win.

For my older sons, I typically carry along a few on the go activities. See below for our ideas and FREE printable worksheets to take along for the ride!  Tip: We carry clipboards for easy writing in the cart (because, yes, they are riding in the cart).

Activity #1 – Map with Stickers

While your toddler satisfies himself with a SproutFoods baby food pouch I typically provide a clipboard, a blank sheet of paper, and food stickers. I like to use these food stickers but this book of stickers is amazing.  As you cruise around the store, your child can place stickers where and when he sees a food item.

Sprout Food Baby Food Fruit Vegetable Sort

{Click on image for FREE download}

Activity #2 – Fruit & Vegetable Sorting

Before you go, talk to your child about fruits & vegetables. Encourage him to sort using this FREE fruit & vegetables sorting page. Print out, cut out the images, and glue onto a separate page sorting between fruits and vegetables.

Sprout Food Baby Food Grocery Store Math

{Click on image for FREE download}

Activity #3 – Grocery Store Math

Print our this FREE grocery store math page, hand your child a do to dot marker (or a pencil to make tally marks or Xs), and let him dot away. At the end of the grocery store adventure, encourage him to count up the number of items he saw on the journey. The printable is set up by category. So, the carrots represent “vegetables” in general and the apple represents “fruits” in general, and so on.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas! Take a moment to share and comment! I love hearing from you!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Sprout® Organic Baby Foods. The opinions and text are my own.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.