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[Free Printable] 12 Brilliant Chore Charts Ideas to Establish Daily Routines for Kids

Chore Charts for kids are an important addition to any home. To make my point, have you looked on Amazon lately? You will find dozens of pages of routine charts will pop up. It is shocking but not.

Parents are eager to find a way to implement routine in their every day lives. Plus a daily routine for kids is necessary to thrive in life, and visual charts help to achieve that goal. This post includes printable chore & routine chart ideas for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners.

(Don’t worry I got your back.)

Who has searched for ways to make life a bit more simple? 

(Raises hand.)

Plus the research is in – chores and routine are good for kids. Kind of common sense but it’s definitely nice to have the research to back up those feelings. Chore charts teach kids responsibility and important life skills. The best part about this list of chore charts is that you can easily adapt them to the whole family.

Growing up, we did not have a fancy chore chart or routine cards. Looking back, I would have appreciated a visual schedule of my duties around our home.

Somehow my mom made it work.

We completed chores, earned a small allowance, and handled our daily routines as best we could. Motivating kids is tricky. Be careful with giving kids rewards such as sticker charts and other goodies! You want the motivation to come from working hard and taking care of themselves.

Kudos to my mom’s amazing stuff. Now, as a parent, I realize how difficult achieving a routine and chore system is. So, I’ll take all the help and use all the tools on which I can get my hands!

Why is Routine So Important?

I love the perspective from Lauren at Military Mom & Wife found within her article Boundaries, Routines, and Early Bedtimes: 13 Habits That Raise Well-Adjusted Kids:

“There’s so much of childhood that is new and challenging for kids. Learning self-control and empathy. Learning how to be a friend and interact with others. These are all very BIG things for kids. Using something as simple as these printable routine cards can help kids feel grounded and relaxed. In fact, knowing what to expect at mealtimes, mornings and bedtimes can bring a sense of relief to even the most carefree child.”

Why are Chores So Important?

Children are capable of so much. However, in today’s busy world with overscheduled kids and parents with little to no capacity, adults often forgo that important fundamental fact. Furthermore, as we Montessorians know, giving kids responsibility and ownership develops confidence and independence, which leads to resilience, purpose, and focus. ‘

Yes, I know, I know, sometimes it is “just easier” to do the household work and not give the kids an opportunity to prove themselves. Let’s make a pact. Let’s stop rushing our kids and start giving them the space to do well and to mess up! Remember failure is key to truly learning and succeeding in so many areas of life!

Let me tell you this piece of information, first: there are a million and one ways exist to create a daily chore & routine for kids. I think a lot about this topic from a big-picture perspective.

I added a few ideas to chew on at the end of this post.

I work on our routine every day.

So, you can trust me, these daily routine charts for kids are the best out there. Your job is to find the best routine, whether it includes a chart or not, that works for your family. I found these amazing daily routine charts on a quest for my family. I thought you might be interested.

Why do you need kids’ charts?

My sons are 5 and 3.5 years old. So, these daily routine charts are fully vetted for the toddler, preschooler, and elementary-aged child in your life! I have never been great at establishing a daily routine. I have always been stuck between “going with the flow” and planning beyond necessity.

Over time I have come to realize that much like a Montessori classroom, at home we must provide a well-planned environment. There must be boundaries and structure, yes, but with a lot of freedom within those boundaries. Giving your child ownership of his responsibilities in the house is key. Telling a child he must do x, or clean up y, will not be nearly as effective.

You might want to start here: Toddler Bedtime Routine Charts

So, finding a routine and chore system that works for your family is the way to go. Now that we have three young children we see the crucial benefit of establishing a routine and, maybe even more importantly, slowing down. Kids’ chores are a part of that shift.

So, with that introduction, I have been doing a bit of research and, of course, I must share that research with you! Below are the BEST Routine & Chore Chart Ideas for Kids. Now, which one(s) shall we use? I’ll soon let you know!

12 Amazing Daily Routine & Chore Charts for Kids

Modern Routine for Toddlers from Dandee Designs

I appreciate the simplicity of the design of this printable chore template. As a result, the child will not be (as) overwhelmed using the simple icons and calm colors, which is perfect for the morning routine and evening routine.

Printable Routines from Life Your Way

The use of visuals is extremely important in my family. For example, these daily routine templates print nicely and are a great start for little ones.

DIY Daily Routine Chart for Kids from Listening in the Litany

Such a cool way to get kids involved using their little hands. The simple labels and ease of use with this routine chart is a big plus. In my home, we have to be flexible and this tool allows us to be flexible.

Routine Chart from Keeping Life Creative

The flexibility of this approach is a major bonus. Using a dry erase board and visuals that can be moved around is practical and realistic. Plus it gets kids involved in their day.

Routine Chart with Real Images from Curious Minds, Pure Hearts

This DIY chore chart is too adorable. What a wonderful approach for introducing young children to a routine. Including the child in the image is brilliant as kids relate to, well, themselves! Kids will be determined to complete their chores!

Creative Chore Charts from Workman Family

This chart is so smart with the chores listed simply & visually appealing. In addition, I love the “flip over when you’re done” aspect to the routine chart.

Morning and Afternoon Routine Cards from Living Locurto

Such a cute set of routine cards, I couldn’t resist. The design is approachable and kids won’t be overwhelmed with it.

Photo Flip Chart from Honey and Hope

The use of real photos is key because kids can relate to real images much more than clip art!

Simple Routine Flip Chart from My Name is Snickerdoodle

Not only will the child get involved in this routine chart, he just might learn a bit of language too. You see connecting the visual with the words is smart because having the element of surprise with pulling down the velcro is the perfect way to hook a child.

Visual Schedule from Weeds to Wishes

This visual chart is too pretty not to check out. Plus the use of the clothespins is a great way to involve the child and include a bit of flexibility in the schedule.

Morning and Bedtime Routine Charts from I Heart Organizing

I love the colors in these charts. The language and the colors are inviting and fun to kids and adults!

I am adding this amazing routine chart to this list recently discovered from Childhood 101. Why? Because of its simplicity and combines teaching kids about money!

Helpful Resources for Routine & Chore Charts

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