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Montessori Baby Bedroom Set Up 101

Our home is Montessori inspired. We don’t adhere strictly to all things Montessori and that includes the Montessori baby room.

Believe in them? Absolutely! Some aspects of the Montessori baby room work for us.

Other aspects of a Montessori baby bedroom don’t work for us. You will notice that this room is not a traditional Montessori but includes pieces inspired by the educational philosophy.

Our baby doesn’t have a floor bed, for example. There is a bed in the room for me to sleep in on occasion. I anticipate this bed will be a floor bed once he starts to climb out from his crib. This post includes elements we’ve chosen for our Montessori Baby Bedroom.

The child has a different relation to his environment from ours… the child absorbs it.  The things he sees are not just remembered; they form part of his soul.  He incarnates in himself all in the world about him that his eyes see and his ears hear.” (The Absorbent Mind)

When my youngest son was about four months old, we began the process of transitioning him from co-sleeping to his own space. I spent a lot of time in a rocking chair feeding him in his new room.

During this time I was able to truly process and think about what he (and I) might need in his room emotionally, physically, and socially.

Montessori Baby Room 101

The room should be neat and orderly. There shouldn’t be a lot of noise with toys, craziness on the walls, and plastic mobiles. This room should be a place where his body relaxes upon entering.

The walls won’t be busy and distracting but instead thoughtful and peaceful. My hope is that his space will invite rest.

Baby Bedroom Color

We wanted calm and gentle. I chose a Benjamin Moore Gray Owl for the walls in his room. This link shows the color but it looks quite different in his room. More of a gray-blue than a great beige.

The color is soft and calming. His brown curtains are great for blocking the sun, but we try to have as much natural light in his room as possible.

{Image Source: The Land of Nod}


Making a baby’s bed cozy is tough. You don’t want them to get all wrapped up in blankets and smother themselves with stuffed animals. Yet, how comfortable would you feel on a cold sheet in the middle of an empty bed?

I typically dress him in a bodysuit for nighttime sleep. It is chilly here so keeping him warm is important.

I have a soft fitted The Land of Nod crib sheet that matches the color scheme. On top of that sheet, I have a soft blanket tucked in the sides of the mattress. I do wrap him in a blanket and place two soft stuffed animals in his crib space.

He likes to be cozy.

Basket of Children’s Books

There is a simple basket of board books on his floor easily accessible to him. There are five or so books in this basket. I rotate the books every few weeks. I have a few manipulatives for him to explore in the basket, too.

Mirror on the Floor

I placed his changing pad on the floor next to a wall mirror set at his height. This mirror works out for a few reasons. He loves saying “hi” to his friend in the mirror when he is having his diaper changed.

The mirror is wonderful entertainment for him during the diaper change and during free play on the floor. I honestly think he could spend hours chatting with himself!

Real Images at his Eye Level

I had a number of photographs I took traveling before I had children. I framed several in 10 by 10 frames, figuring I’d have a use for them one day in my future. Turns out, these images are perfect for my sons’ rooms.

The pictures are interesting and inviting. Plus they tell a story. Having the pictures at eye level is key for the child to truly interact with the wall art or photo details.

Simple Decals

I didn’t want a lot of noise in his room but I didn’t want the room to be ridiculously boring either. So, I opted for a simple Moon & Stars decal I purchased from Etsy.

Etsy has loads of children’s room decals! I love the color and minimalist approach to the Moon & Stars decal. Even an adult’s eyes will stare and wonder about these stars and the moon. Quite beautiful for a baby to be in his crib wondering about stars and the moon.

Simple Mobile

This Swallow Mobile is the perfect addition to the room. The mobile gently moves with the air in the room. The color is solid black.

It makes beautifully inviting shadows on the walls and ceiling for our baby to check out. Check out: My All-Time Favorite Montessori Mobiles for Your Baby’s Room for more ideas!

Other Baby Bedroom Aspects I Love

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