8 Awesome Preschool Activities – Geography

This post includes 8 Preschool Activities for Geography that we love in our home. Preschoolers are ripe for learning geography, both physical and cultural aspects to the learning. There are simple, hands on ways to introduce the great big world to young children. This post includes some of my favorite geography preschool activities. Enjoy!

Montessori Preschool Activities – Geography

Teaching Geography to Preschoolers {Introduction}

Geography within Montessori Early Childhood (3 -6-year-old children) comprises physical geography &political geography, or I like to think about the latter as “culture”. The sequence is physical first and then political. This post provides an introduction to teaching geography.

Land Forms

You might remember a post I wrote a while back on Introducing Land Forms to Preschoolers with an easy & inexpensive activity.  I further explained Geography within Montessori and how to introduce this big topic to your children. When you are ready to move onto the next lesson, I highly recommend this post.

Continents Map

 I’ve written about working with and introducing a Montessori World Map. Two extensions to do with the Montessori World Map are Creating Your Own Map by Tracing & Push Pinning. This post includes tutorials on those extensions.

What is Air?

We did a few very simple “experiments” and “observations” to introduce and demonstrate the concept of air. Teaching preschoolers that the earth is made of land, water, and air as a starting point is key. Explaining that air exists is almost an abstract idea since we can’t actually see air. We know that it exists and takes up space. So how do we show that to preschoolers? This post will help you.

Preschool Geography Activities

Clouds Activity for Kids

To continue my son’s introduction to the Earth, we talked about Clouds. We have talked about Land,Water & Air, even performed a few experiments demonstrating that Air exists even though we can’t see it. We have started the conversation on Land Forms with an easy & effective Land Form Introduction. 

Land, Air, Water

“We live on the earth. It is made up of three things: land, water, and air.” This post includes a lesson that is a great introduction for preschoolers.

Land Forms Craft

I have learned amazing things about introducing preschoolers to geography. Here are two easy activities I’d like to share with you courtesy of our amazing instructor, Tammy, from MEIPN. These are hands-on, visual tools to get your child to start thinking critically about LANDFORMS. Both activities are paper tearing activities, which are great for a child’s fine motor development and provides a worthwhile sensory experience.

Extensions for Montessori Geography Work

When I first learned Montessori Geography, I often got stuck. Okay, pull the puzzle pieces out, put them back in, place them on the control map, put them back in the template…then what? Then I discovered the amazingness of extensions with the maps. The greatest part about extensions is that the map work can grow with the child. So, work for a three-year-old may be sufficient at the puzzle piece placements, whereas a five year may need more. This post includes a few examples for you.

I hope you enjoyed this post!


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