10 Easy to Do Puffy Paint Activities & Crafts for Kids

Puffy paint is easily one of the most fun art materials. The cool part is that it is easy to make and the variations seem endless! Kids and adults both love it! There are so many things you can do with it. You’ve probably seen t-shirts and Christmas ornaments designed with the material. Here are more activities and crafts that your little ones will love!

What is Puff Paint? How to Make Puff Paint

There are many ways to experiment with puff paint. At its essence, puffy paint is shaving cream (the biggest component), equal parts glue & flour, and liquid watercolor (or food coloring). As I said, though, you can explore different ways to make this material simply by varying the amount of each ingredient.  This post outlines one way we’ve made puff paint in the past: How to Make the Easiest Puff Paint in the Universe.

10 Creative Puffy Paint Activities

Melted Snowman

Mix up some glue and shaving cream and you have yourself the perfect material for a melted snowman! Like most kids probably will, this little girl is loving the texture of her snowman.

Edible Puffy Paint Craft

Puffy paint isn’t edible, which can certainly be a challenge with some of our little ones who like to taste everything! ;) This edible version is easy to make and can ease that worry a bit. However you probably still don’t want them to eat a bunch of it!

Scented Pumpkin Puffy Paint

This is a great sensory activity for fall! Pumpkin is everywhere in the fall, so here is a great idea to add a seasonal activity to your curriculum.

Make Planets: A Solar System Craft

I love solar system crafts! Adding the wonder of outer space to our curriculum is so fun. Learning about the solar system is mesmerizing and it can be difficult to comprehend. This is why I think it is so great- it adds depth to their knowledge.

Puffy Paint Moon Phases

Another one of my favorite things to teach children and learn about myself is the moon! The moon is fascinating and learning about the phases can be a great educational moment to implement into your evening.


Valentines Day Puffy Paint

Another adorable craft! You could make these hearts as a single craft, a garland to decorate, or as a Valentine’s Day gift.

DIY Puffy Paint

Puffy paint is filled with uncertain ingredients. I love this recipe because I always know what’s in it!

Ice Cream Puffy Paint Activity

Check out this adorable ice cream craft! You can design a core or a sundae and make it super colorful with the paint, glitter, stickers, and more!

Ocean Puffy Paint Activity

This is a great activity to add to your ocean unit! Also a fantastic activity for learning colors and practicing math.

Mother’s Day Puffy Paint Craft

Here is a new Mother’s Day craft to add to the mix! Make flowers and other spring outlines and designs. Kids will love sharing their new discovery of this art material with Mom!

I want to hear more ideas from you! I hope you enjoyed learning about these activities!

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