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Montessori Practical Life: Wet Pouring

Children in a Montessori Early Childhood classroom truly enjoy Wet Pouring work, one of the early Basic Exercises in the Practical Life area. The best part about wet pouring is that the work is versatile and can be introduced easily into the home.

The child should have mastered the Introduction to Sponging activity before pursuing the Wet Pouring work. This work is easy to set up in your home or classroom with very few materials required on the tray to complete it successfully. Montessori Services offers an easy and inexpensive Montessori Wet Pouring set to get your started in your classroom or home.

Wet Pouring Lesson

  1. Go to the shelf, remove tray and walk carefully to a table.
  2. “This is a pitcher. It is empty.”
  3. “This is a sponge. It feels dry.” Offer the child a chance to touch the sponge. Then identify the pitcher with water in it.
  4. Lift the pitcher carefully with right hand fingers grasping the handle and the index and third fingers of the left handle supporting the spout.
  5. Reverse movements with pouring the right pitcher back into the left pitcher.
  6. Make sure you get every drop.
  7. Sponge up excess water in the pitchers.
  8. Sponge up excess water on the tray.
  9. Ask the child if he would like a turn.
  10. Return tray to shelf.

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Practical life is a beautiful introduction to Montessori works. Children truly take to the repetition and the focus required to complete a work cycle.


Marnie Craycroft

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