Easy Physics Experiment for Kids

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Opening a child’s eyes to science can begin at a young age. The best part is that you can easily do experiments with household objects and without spending a lot of money. Classic science experiments can happen organically every day without much preparation. Just do your research ahead of time to plan for the opportunity. [...]

Learn to Tell Time Activity

Learning to Tell Time Activity

This post is sponsored by Montessori Services. The opinions are 100% my own. We made a simple clock using bead bar stamps, a wonderful hands on learn to tell time activity. One of my most beloved Montessori companies is Montessori Services. I have not once been disappointed by their product. Plus, their customer service is [...]

Unique Early Reader Books

Home Grown Books Adventure Set

When Home Grown Books approached me about reviewing their product, I jumped on the opportunity. Most of you know that I had a baby recently making our brood cap out at five. As a result I have been declining offers for reviews and sponsored posts. After reading a post on these books on one of [...]

Golden Responses for the Impatient Child

Responses Impatient Child

This post include Golden Responses for the Impatient Child. My 3.5 year old often makes requests, then quickly loses patience with my not meeting his request fast enough. Sound familiar? As you know, I work really hard to be a positive parent and to respect my children and their developing selves. I have to tell you, [...]

Fine Motor Sensory Activity for Kids

Fine Motor Sensory Activity

This post includes a Fine Motor Sensory Activity for Kids sourced from one of our favorite books called Science Arts. I highly recommend purchasing this book. I use it for reference practically on a daily basis.  I love the book because the activities and experiments combine art and science, igniting children in ways I could [...]

Hands On Geography Activities with Kids

Geography Activity Kindergarten

Hands On Geography Activities with Kids I often find that the best, most successful activities created in our home happen organically and are led by my children (5 and 3.5 years old). These hands on geography activities are a great example that can be easily implemented and repeated in our home. There are affiliate links [...]

Soil Experiment with Kids


Have you ever wondered what is in the soil around where you live? Here is a simple hands on activity that will guide you to the answers. This activity is a twist on the Rainbow Jar science experiment that teaches children about density. The idea is the same but the materials are different.  The activity [...]