How to Make a Movable Pulley

Make a Pulley Feature

This post includes a guide to how to make a movable pulley and project based learning book recommendations. My sons enjoy building with blocks, with track, with Legos, with beans, with marshmallows, with straws, with rocks, with sticks…you name it, they like to build with it. So, when I came across the book Explore Simple [...]

10 Phrases to Use with a Child During Conflict

Communicating with Children

This post offers 10 Phrases to Use with a Child During Conflict. Before we get to those tips, though, think about this: Have you considered that in order to effectively clear up conflicts and successfully manage challenges with children you (yes, we adults) need to look inward? When I heard this notion from Leslie Chertok, a therapist whose [...]

Finger Tap Painting Activity for Kids

Finger Painting

Combine music, listening skills, fine motor skills, and art with this Finger Tap Painting Activity for Kids. I am a huge fan of all of MaryAnn Kohl’s books. The books cover disciplines like math and science AND make it fun for children by combining nature, movement, and process art. In my view, these books are the [...]

Activities for Early Childhood Outdoor Education

Mud Kitchen

Is it possible to achieve school readiness in a 100% outdoor classroom? Can you meet Kindergarten “standards” by being outdoors learning all day? The answer is an astounding, “YES!”  To prove it, this post includes Activities for Early Childhood Outdoor Education. My sons and I recently attended Cedarsong’s Family Nature Immersion Camp. This nature  school is [...]

3 Meditation Ideas for Kids

Meditation Children

Meditation is a powerful life tool. Meditation can be taught to children at a young age. Children are ripe for instilling this activity into their daily existence. The post includes 3 Mediation Ideas for Kids to ponder as you consider ways to integrate more conscious living into your family or classroom’s life. At the end [...]

Simple Building Materials for Kids

Building with Beans

Last week we had an unfortunate incident with marshmallows. I introduced what I thought was a brilliant and simple invitation to build. I set out a tray, a bowl of toothpicks, and a bowl of mini marshmallows. Then this happened… With little self regulation my 5 and, particularly, my 3.5 year old challenged me by [...]