New in Our Montessori Space

Book Cover Artwork Close Up

We are rotating, decluttering, and revamping our boys’ space. Their areas are in need of some refreshing change. Here are a few of the particularly exciting changes and items new in our Montessori space. New in Our Montessori SpaceClick To TweetPowered By CoSchedule New in Our Montessori Space Art Work Lego Patent Print – The thing [...]

Montessori Inspired Pumpkin Unit


This post includes loads of ideas for a Montessori inspired pumpkin unit! Montessori Inspired Pumpkin Unit Practical Life Pumpkin Guts Exploration from Stir the Wonder Puffy Pumpkin Lacing from I Can Teach My Child Use a strainer to sift out pumpkin seeds in a sensory tub Roast and season pumpkin seeds for a snack Hammer tees [...]

Learn about Milk Unit

Where Does Milk Come From

As with most things in life, learning connects us and truly helps us understand our bodies and our environments better. We learn to accept and to co-exist with many creatures that way. We have explored slugs and ants for this very reason. Once you learn the purpose of these creatures, you respect them.  The same [...]

Books for Little Architects

Children's Books for Builders List Feature

A relative visited us recently. With him, he brought the three books you will find in this post. We’re always in the library and I am always researching on the internet for new book discoveries. So, when three walk into my house recommended by a friend, I am on it. These books are no exception. [...]

Children’s Books about Migration

Children's Books Migration FEATURE

As I research Children’s Books about Migration I quickly became both impressed and intrigued by the amazing children’s books offered at our library and online. The art work hands down was some of the most beautiful I had seen from children’s books. The art work alone gave testament to how the authors and illustrators truly embraced their subject. [...]

Montessori Inspired Apple Unit

Apples Paris Farmers Market

This post includes loads of ideas for a Montessori inspired apple unit! Montessori Inspired Apple UnitClick To TweetPowered By CoSchedule Montessori Inspired Apple Unit Practical Life Tonging Apples Washing Apples Slicing, Peeling, Coring Apples Make Apple Sauce with these Crockpot Applesauce Making Cards from Training Happy Hearts Apple Lacing Card from No Time for Flashcards Apple [...]

Phrases to Encourage Toilet Training

Toilet Training Phrases

This post includes Phrases to Encourage Toilet Training. A few week’s ago I wrote about our son’s obstacles with toilet training. I wrote about Steve Hodge’s book, It’s No Accident. His work enlightened my husband and me, guiding us to seek other avenues besides “he’ll grow out of it” and “it’s just an accident”. Phrases to [...]