Children’s Books about Feelings

Children's Books about Feelings

This post includes my top 3 Children’s Books about Feelings. I have an explosive, often angry child. I also have an anxious child. In my search for ways to educate myself and to be the best possible parent to my two sons, I researched children’s books to help them identify and embrace (yes, embrace) his strong emotions. Furthermore, […]

Nature Sensory Bottle

Nature Sensory Bottle

Want to bring nature discovery to your baby? Check out this nature sensory bottle for inspiration! Discovery sensory bottles are one of the most wonderful early learning tools. I began making sensory bottles for my oldest son when he was about a year old. The materials are accessible and available every day The best part […]

Two Must See Science Videos for Kids

Science Videos for Kids

Science is so cool. Do you think the impossible just might be possible under certain circumstances? I recently came across two science, specifically mechanical engineering and physics, videos that are a must see for adults and a must show to kids. Science is the acceptance of what works and the rejection of what does not. […]