15 Tips on How to Help an Angry Child

angry child feature

I have shared with you that our middle child is rigid and inflexible, therefore resulting in explosiveness (i.e. tantrums). My husband and I have worked hard educating ourselves on how to help an angry child or a child that has a particularly challenging demeanor. The journey has been long and often difficult, but I embrace the […]

Homemade Crayons for Earth Day

DIY Crayons for Earth Day

Children love crayons and most children love science. So, making DIY Crayons with kids is a sure win. Not only do children enjoy homemade crayons, they enjoy the process of tearing off the crayon’s wrapper and especially enjoy the process of breaking the crayons. Homemade Crayons TIP: Crayola crayons melt the best, most even way.   […]