Easy Motion Science Experiment

Science of Motion Feature

Learn how movies are made with this easy motion science experiment. My sons have been on a “how does this work?” kick. Honestly, I love the curiosity and inquisitive nature. I want to encourage the inquiry. Plus I always learn a ton when I don’t know much about the topic. This easy motion science experiment […]

Art and Science Preschool Activity

Easy Process Art Feature

One of the most successful art activities we’ve done recently is so ridiculously simple I am almost embarrassed to share it with you. The even cooler part about this easy activity is that there is a whole lot of science learning within it.  I also have to admit that I find it funny to target this […]

30 Ways to Learn Math in Nature

Learning Math in Nature

The beautiful part about learning in nature is that by doing so you end up integrating many topics together, which helps children develop their “whole brain”. Children ignite their senses and make connections unavailable in a traditional classroom setting. This post includes 30 Ways to Learn Math in Nature. Nature provides us ample opportunities to […]

Dancing Milk Science Experiment

physical science experiment with milk

This science activity is great for kindergarten and elementary aged kids. One of my absolute favorite parts of my Montessori training was physical science. We learned many creative ways to hook a child, to intrigue him, and ignite his desire to want to learn more about a particular subject. The Dancing Milk science experiment is one […]

Black Marker Experiment

Black Marker Experiment

Is black a color? How does paint or ink get its color? We were curious. So, we did the classic black marker experiment to discover and observe a bit more about color. [Tweet “Black Marker Experiment”] Black Marker Experiment Materials white coffee filter bowl water black marker (not permanent) Steps to Black Marker Experiment design […]

18 Wishbone Ideas and Activities

Wishbone Feature

This post includes 18 Wishbone Ideas and Activities to enjoy with kids and your family throughout the holiday season. The discovery of and the subsequent breaking apart of the Wishbone was always a big part of my childhood Thanksgiving holiday. I don’t remember how we chose the two lucky family members to perform the coveted […]