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Children’s Books Celebrating Creativity and Imagination

Finding stories about creativity and imagination is a priority for me as a parent. I want to model the behavior, too, but the “real life” examples of what is possible by sticking to your dreams and believing in yourself is critical in that learning journey. Furthermore, the idea that being “creative” is about problem solving, [Read On]

materials for torn paper earth

Process Art for Earth Day

We loved this project for a few reasons. The materials are easy to use, inexpensive to purchase, gets us a little sticky, and involves sensory, practical life and art work. Plus the project keeps children busy giving us adults an opportunity to speak about the importance of our relationship with the earth. A really great [Read On]

outdoor rules to live by

Outdoor Rules to Live & to Teach

“The earth has music for those who listen.” ~ George Santayana Go Outside Every Day Yes, every day. Better yet begin and end the day with fresh air. The best way to wake up and to unwind from the day. Do Not be Afraid Get dirty. Be welcoming of critters. When I heard one of my [Read On]

math activity for preschoolers landscape

Math Activity for Preschoolers

Looking for an easy & inexpensive Math Activity for Preschoolers? This activity integrates pattern (sensorial) and early math work into your home or classroom? Here is a simple one to put together and children will love it.   Materials Avery Color Coding Labels Card Stock Laminator & Laminating Pouch (optional) Colored Poms, Gems or other [Read On]

Mom and her Sons

I am the Mother of Sons

I am the mother of three boys. This role is special. It is unique.  I will be loved, very loved, by my boys.  I will be a queen, most of the time, in our home. I accept all this loveliness. Yet, ever since learning our third healthy baby is a boy, I have had to [Read On]

Sending a Hug Activity for Children

Send a Hug Activity for Kids

This activity for children is easy to put together and makes a sweet gift from a child to a family member or friend.  The age for this activity can begin as early as 2 and extend well into elementary school aged children. My 3 year old completed the hug in the above image. Materials Needed [Read On]

chinese children's books collage

Chinese Books for Children

Last week our newest family member arrived into our home. We welcomed an au pair from China with open arms. There are many reasons why we’re excited for the next year with Minjie. Most of all, I am looking forward to bringing Chinese culture into our life.  I prepared my boys (age 3 and 4) [Read On]


Engineering Books for Children

As I ponder more about my children and their education, I continue coming back to Project Based Learning where children imagine, build, and create in their learning. The most basic way to think about this type of learning is to think about basic survival skills. Are you self sufficient? Would you know how to orient [Read On]