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Welcome to outdoor learning! Stepping outside and exploring the natural world can be an exciting way for children to learn and develop skills in science, math, art, problem-solving, and more.

With an outdoor classroom setting, teachers can create engaging activities that will encourage exploration of their environment while also allowing kids to practice organizing thoughts, constructing arguments, and understanding concepts with real-world relevance.

From hands-on experiments that teach life cycles to nature walks that give insight into local ecosystems — the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to making learning come alive outdoors!

So parents and teachers alike: let’s dive into how you can design a successful outdoor classroom experience your students won’t soon forget.

Welcome to loads of resources to take Montessori learning outdoors. This content includes tons of Montessori outdoor activities, outdoor education resources, and outdoor classroom ideas.

happy children sitting on a log

Montessori Outdoor Activities

Maria Montessori believed that indoor and outdoor classrooms should be one and the same. If possible, find a way to make a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor classrooms.

a group of young kids sitting in the grass

If you don’t have the space to make that happen, don’t worry! There are ways to bring the outdoors into the indoor classroom.

These posts should inspire you with activities, resources, and ideas to bring outdoor learning into your homeschool or classroom.