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Children’s Books about Seasons


The change of seasons is a magical time. I adore it. This post includes a list of our favorite Children’s Books about Season.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, spring is right around the corner, folks. No one really says it better than Frog:

“What you see is the clear warm light of April. And it means we can begin a whole new year together, Toad! Think of it! We will skip through the meadows and run through the woods and swim in the river. In the evenings we will sit right here on this front porch and count the stars.” – Frog {Frog and Toad are Friends: Spring}

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To get the spring juices flowing, below are a few of our favorite early children books on seasons. Enjoy!

By far my favorite book to engage children in the changing of the seasons, The Year Comes Round: Haiku through the Seasons, is simply beautiful. The words and the illustrations will warm hearts and engage children. I continue to come back to this book with my children. Each time they get something different, something more from the book.

Bear Has a Story to Tell by Phillip and Erin Stead is a very sweet story that speaks to the rhythm of the seasons and the virtues of friendship. You cannot go wrong with adding this book to your library.

Old Bear by Kevin Henkes is filled with colorful illustrations as a bear dreams his way through the seasons until he finally wakes to spring. There is something about the pages of this book that draw the reader into its pages. Simple beauty.

I hope you enjoyed this post!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.