Apple Activities and Crafts

Here are Montessori inspired Apple Activities and Crafts to celebrate the lovely fall season. These activities are a taste of what has been going on in our home!

Apple Activities and Crafts

Apple Slicing

Present an apple, a slicer and a cutting board. Demonstrate using economy of words with your child.

Apple Peeling

Present an apple, a peeler and a cutting board. Demonstrate using economy of words with your child.

Apple Picking

Nothing is more hands on than going to an orchard and manually picking apples from a tree. Plus many orchards have apple cider making and other fun fall activities for kids like a pumpkin patch, bean shelling, hay rides and a corn maze. We’ll be make sauce and pies with the apples we pick. Easy recipes for cooking with kids!

Apple Action Cards

To add a bit more movement to our Apple theme, I created these Apple Action cards. We’ll look through them together and talk about each image and the respective action. I have a basket of goodies to match up to the image and action as well as fun movements to “Act Out” the Action Cards. We’ll be doing many of these actions for real over the next few weeks!

Apple Life Cycle & Parts of an Apple

Fun & easy way to learn botany. I used this FREE Apple Lifecycle printable from Montessori for Everyone and supplemented it with Apples A to Z, a great Apple themed children’s alphabet book.

Tonging Apples

Great for fine motor skill development and pre-reading skill. Demonstrate by identifying the items on the tray, move slowly transferring the small wooden apples from left to right and speak with a few words. Once the child masters the activity, integrate pre-math by counting the apples.

I hope we inspired you today!