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Super Awesome Skeleton Activities for Preschoolers

With October comes crisper weather and the launch of festive fall activities. Halloween is a fun “holiday” but with great emphasis on a sugar coma. As much as I love a good sugar coma (not really), I want to focus on the more traditional and exciting aspects of the month.

Skeleton Activities for Kids

This week, I researched skeleton activities for my sons. I need to share many terrifically creative, ingenious ideas with you. This post includes 11+ Skeleton Activities for Preschool Kids.

Fun Skeleton Activities for Preschoolers

Q-Tip Skeleton

Q-Tip Skeleton

This first skeleton activity is a classic Q-Tip Skeleton. A Little Artsy & A Little Craftsy gives a great tutorial to create this activity kid will love!


Straw Skeleton

This Straw Skeleton from is perfect. Not only is it easy to present to children, but it is inexpensive and straightforward. Cutting up those straws is a great fine motor activity for younger children.

Mexican Jumping Bean

Skeleton Yoga

This post from references a Halloween Yoga sequence, but I figure it all comes back to the skeleton.


Pasta Skeleton

This pasta skeleton from Kids Activities Blog is easy and exciting for children. A great addition to a human body unit or Halloween work.

Skeleton at School Pretending to be a Teacher or Student

More Skeleton Activities for Kids

Tape Resist Skeleton Activity

Resist Skeleton

The Artful Parent never disappoints me. She always has fantastic ideas to share with her readers. This Resist Skeleton is just one that I adore for an activity with my children.

Life Sized Skeleton

Life-Sized Skeleton

Have the child trace his body and then fill in the skeleton. The kids will love this Life-Sized Skeleton exercise! Here is a detailed well thought example from Fun at Home with Kids. Enjoy!


Play Dough Skeleton

I love this activity from Fantastic Fun and Learning! Younger children love play dough, and older children love the human body. So, why not combine the two to make a Playdough skeleton?

Perfect! What an ideal invitation to create for a younger child. With that said, my five-year-old also loved this activity. The child’s opportunity to create is wide open.

x-ray skeleton activity

X-Ray Skeleton

My sons love this X-Ray Skeleton. The set of x-rays is excellent because it works like a puzzle and a life sciences activity. Get a light board and make it even more interesting for the children.


Stick Skeleton

How clever is this Stick Skeleton? Thanks to Creative Star Learning Academy we have a great reason and incentive to get children outside. In this case, let them know what they’ll be doing and have them gather sticks to fit the job.

Veggie Skeleton

Veggie Skeleton

This one is perfect for a snack. How much fun to create a Veggie Skeleton with a child? Chances are the kids might just want to eat it, too!

Skeleton Activities – Materials Referenced

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