Bathtime Sensory

Last night we had a bathtub full of goo. Sounds messy and crazy? Not so much. Super easy to do, safe and loads of fun for you and your kids!

We are huge fans of bath time in our home. Not only does it mark the transition from day to evening routine, we get to embark EVERY DAY on one of the best and easiest sensory experiences for children – BATH TIME! Lately I have been using bath time as a way to give the boys a little extra by throwing a twist into the bath.

For example, for my younger son’s 1st birthday we had a glow in the dark bath. I purchased several glow sticks, threw them in the bath, turned off the lights and voila! Instant joy! That was a fun bath. Or we’ll just have bath paint or crayons. A lot of fun experimenting with colors.

I came upon the idea of bath jelly through Pinterest. Jamie from Hands on as We Grow shared this idea from Think Geek. I was immediately in love. I purchased “bath goo” from Amazon and went for it. Totally safe product containing NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS that doesn’t stain bodies or the tub! This goo turns water into a consistency like somewhat thick apple sauce. The best part? You can turn the goo back into water in one easy step.

jelly bath sensory tub activity 225x300 Bathtime Sensory

Here is what the “powder” looks like before you dump it in the tub:
bathtub sensory jelly for kids 300x225 Bathtime Sensory

I drew a bath without bubbles. The boys climbed into the tub. They were very curious about what I was planning for their tub time. I dumped the “goo former” into the tub and watched as the boys’ eyes widened with interest and intrigue. The goo formed slowly over the next ten minutes eventually becoming thick.

IMG 4198 300x225 Bathtime Sensory

IMG 4199 225x300 Bathtime Sensory

IMG 4204 300x225 Bathtime Sensory

IMG 4206 300x225 Bathtime Sensory

IMG 4214 300x225 Bathtime Sensory

bathtub sensory jelly 300x225 Bathtime Sensory

After digging, pouring, scooping and lots of good old playing, bath time came to an end. I added the “goo disolver” and again watched eyes of interest and intrigue as the goo slowly turned back to water. The product does claim to “soften and clean the skin” but I decided for good measure to add bubble bath and warm water to give them a bit of a cleansing bath.

bathtime sensory jelly 300x225 Bathtime Sensory

As the bath was turning back to water, my son grabbed his “fishing” net and began to scoop and play with the changing texture. It was a great experience. Lots of good sensory fun. The mess was minimal (except when my 2.5 year old hopped out of the bath after his little brother, even then the pick up wasn’t that bad). I highly recommend this experience for a special bath time event!

Have fun! Thanks for visiting!

Note: The product descriptions read “not suitable for children under 5″. I stuck close by the boys in the tub. They were fine. Just make sure there is no eating or standing in the tub! icon smile Bathtime Sensory

 Bathtime Sensory


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 Bathtime Sensory
 Bathtime Sensory
 Bathtime Sensory
 Bathtime Sensory

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 Bathtime Sensory


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