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Like many of your households, we are in full on Dinosaur mania mode. I am in the process of writing up a post on a variety of dinosaur preschool activities. In the meantime, however, I thought I’d share some of these wonderful songs I found and collected along the way. Enjoy!

One of my favorite children’s albums is by Johnny Cash. Lucky for us there is a really fun dinosaur song on that album. Check it out. Here are the lyrics.

We also enjoy listening to the great Wee Sing Dinosaur CD. Very catchy tunes and perfect background music during ‘choice time’ in the mornings. I checked this CD out of our local library but the online price is very reasonable.

The following songs I found on a great site called Perpetual Preschool. I love their adaptability and flexibility. We’ve had a great time singing these tunes and making up our own verses.

We Will Rock You
Stomp, stomp, clap (4 times)
I’m ankylosaurus I’m big and strong; 10 feet tall and 30 feet long.
I’ve got a club on my tail, Armor on my back;
Don’t get too close Or I’ll give you a whack.
Chorus: We will , we will stomp you, stomp you. We will, we will stomp you, stomp you.

Stegosaurus is my name. A little walnut is the size of my brain.
On my back are seventeen plates. Leaves and plants Are what I ate.
Repeat “stomp you” chorus.

I’m tyrannosaurus rex I’m big and mean.
The meanest dinosaur That you’ve ever seen.
I’ve got tiny little arms, Great big feet;
I’ll pick you up With my big sharp teeth.
I will, I will, Chomp you, chomp you. I will ,I will CHOMP YOU !!!

Triceratops (Sung to Three Blind Mice)
Look and see. One, two, three.
Count with me. One, two, three.
Triceratops has three big horns.
That’s the way that he was born.
One, two, three. One, two, three.

Song (to the tune of “Alouette”)

Allosaurus, pachycephalosaurus allosaurus, Tyrannasaurus REX!
Stegosaurus, Trachodon Triceratops, Pterandanon
Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs, Ooooohhhh
Allosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus Allosaurus, Tyrannosaurus REX!!!

“Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs” Sung to the tune of “Row, Row, Row your boat”
Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs Eating fruits and leaves Take a bite and chew it up and spit out the seeds Phooo!

The Dinosaur Song (Tune: “The Wheels on the Bus “)
The tyrannosaurus rex had great big teeth,
Great big teeth, great big teeth.
The tyrannosaurus rex had great big teeth,
When the dinosaurs roamed.
Additional verses:
The apatosaurus had a very long tail……
The diplodocus’ nostrils were on top of his head………
The saltopus was as small as a cat…….

Do you know (Tune: Muffin Man)

Oh, do you know the stegosaurus?
The stegosaurus, the stegosaurus?
Oh, do you know the stegosaurus?
He had plates upon his back.
Apatosaurus……he has a very long neck.
Tyrannosaurus rex……he was very fierce.
Triceratops….he has three big horns.

Dino Song (tune of I’m a Little Teapot)

I’m a Brontosaurus with four feet.
I eat plants, but don’t eat meat.
Known as Thunder Lizard, that is true.
‘Cause when I walked, the earth just shook.
Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, that we know.
Some were large, some were small.
Fossils tell us this is so,
‘Cause I’ve not seen one after all.
Tyrannosaurus Rex’s my name.
King of the dinosaurs, that I am.
I make many run and hide.
‘Cause I’m mean and like to fight.
I’m Triceratops, with three horns.
A big, big head, and frilly bones.
I’m a fierce fighter, on four feet.
But I eat plants, ’cause they are neat.

Five Crazy Dinosaurs
5 crazy dinosaurs sweeping the floor
1 got swept away, then there were four
4 crazy dinosaurs chased by a bee,
1 got stung, then there were 3
3 crazy dinosaurs playing with glue,
1 got stuck, then there were 2
2 crazy dinosaurs out for a run
1 fell down, then there was 1
1 crazy dinosaur acting like a hero
He went out to save the others, then there were zero

Five Enormous Dinosaurs

Five enormous dinosaurs letting out a roar One went away and then there were four… Four enormous dinosaurs munching on a tree One went away and then there were three… Three enormous dinosaurs didn’t know what to do One went away and then there were two… Two enormous dinosaurs having lots of fun One went away and then there was one… One enormous dinosaur afraid to be a hero He went away and then there was zero…

One Friendly Dinosaur
One friendly dinosaur wanted to play peek-a-boo.
She found another, then there were two.
Two friendly dinosaurs looked behind a tree.
They found another, then there were three.
Three friendly dinosaurs went to find some more.
They found another, and then there were four.
Four friendly dinosaurs in the water did dive.
They found another, and then there were five.
Five friendly dinosaurs played in the sun.
They all ran to hide; now there are none.

Five Little Dinosaurs

Five little dinosaurs went out to play
Out in the land of the lost one day
Tyrannosaurus Rex ate one for a snack
And four little dinosaurs came running back
One little dinosaur went out to play
Out in the land of the lost one day
Tyrannosaurs Rex ate him for snack
And no little dinosaurs came running back
No little dinosaurs went out to play
Out in the land of the lost one day
Tyrannosaurs Rex couldn’t find anything to eat
So off she went to go to sleep

Source: Perpetual Preschool

Have fun!



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