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7 Fun & Safe Outdoor Activities for Your Stir Crazy Kids


If your kids are home and driving you crazy, you are not alone. Staying home from school may be fun for a little while, but with limited options and no friends around, boredom can set in pretty fast.

When your kids are going stir-crazy, it can be hard to get your own work done, but you do not have to live with the situation one day longer, not when there is so much safe fun right outside your own back door. Here are seven fun outdoor activities your kids are sure to love.

two kids playing outside

7 Fun and Safe Outdoor Activities for Your Stir Crazy Kids

Start a Bug Zoo

There is a hidden world right outside your door, one that is teeming with insect life and lots of fascinating tiny creatures. Why not capture a few of those critters and start a bug zoo with your kids? The kids can learn about the beauty of nature, and you can spend some time catching up on work. 

two young girls riding bikes

Go on a Bike Ride

Outdoor exercise is good for the body and the mind, and a great way to combat the boredom of spending so much time indoors. So grab your bikes, put on your helmets and explore the local neighborhood and nearby bike paths. 

Enjoy a Rugged Hike

If you have hiking trails nearby, taking a hike can be a lot of fun for the whole family. The kids can explore the natural world while they get some healthy exercise and spend time away from their screens.  

Have a Water Balloon Toss in the Backyard

When the weather turns hot and you want to cool off, a water balloon toss could be just the thing. Just grab the hose and fill some balloons, then toss them back and forth until they break. What a wonderfully wet way to spend a hot summer day.

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Build a Tree House

If you have some spare materials hanging around, this could be the perfect time to build that tree house. Having a tree house in the backyard will give the kids their own little hideaway, so they can avoid boredom in their own ways. 

Plant a Garden

There is nothing like a garden to teach kids about nature and how food is actually grown. With grocery store trips greatly curtailed, growing your own food can feel good, and gardening is a great exercise for yourself and your children. 

Gardening with kids is a truly powerful learning tool to engage children in learning science in the outdoors.

Go Birding in your Backyard

You do not have to fly to Costa Rica or spend time in the jungle to see colorful birds. There are plenty of beautiful birds right in your own backyard, so a birding excursion could be closer than you think.

Just grab your binoculars, a notepad, and your bird books; your kids are sure to have a blast.  It does not take long for boredom to set in when the kids are trapped at home and out of school.

If your little ones are bouncing off the walls and driving you crazy, it may be time to open the doors and explore the great outdoors. The seven activities listed above are fun, safe, exciting, and perfect for any sunny day.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.