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Easy & Creative Earth Day Perler Bead Activities


Perler Beads might be the best activity for kids. Okay, I admit that stepping on the rogue perler bead is not the most pleasant experience but I’ll take it. My sons will sit for an hour working on a perler bead creation. My boys don’t sit still often. So, my telling you this fact is a big deal.

earth day perler bead activities

In celebration of Earth Day, I thought it would be fun to do Earth Day Perler Bead Activities. In my research, I found amazing projects completed by the creative people out there in cyber space.

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So impressed, I decided I had to share these ideas with you. Be sure to visit the source link for more detail on the Earth Day Perler Bead Activities.

Earth Tree Perler Bead

Earth Day Coasters

These beautiful coasters come from an Etsy shop that no longer sell them (although I am certain she would accept a request custom order). How gorgeous are these earth themed perler bead coasters?

Earth Tree Perler Bead

Earth Day Desk Ornament

This amazing tree with flowers, bees, and blue birds is a desk ornament. I wish this image had a source. I found it on Pinterest without a source. There is a similar Perler Bead Tree one on Ebay but is no longer available.

Earth Cosmos Perler Bead

Earth Day Cosmos

This Earth Cosmos Perler Bead pattern is well thought out capturing mountains, grass, and ocean. I also find the pattern easy as a visual, one that my sons could follow.

Perler Bead Earth

Earth Coaster

How to Craft Dreams has several wonderful pearler bead creations on her site. This perler bead earth is a favorite!

Sun and Moon Perler Bead

Sun Moon Coaster

How gorgeous is this Sun Moon Perler Bead creation? Top of our to-do list for Earth Day.

Earth Day Globe Pattern

You could simply buy an Earth Perler Bead Pattern from Amazon! How adorable is this globe?

I hope these ideas inspired you!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.