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Bear Activities for Preschoolers


If you’re looking for fun and educational activities with your preschooler, look no further! These bear activities for preschoolers are perfect for exploring nature and learning about animals.

They’re also great for developing fine motor and problem-solving skills. So get outdoors and have some fun with your little one! The following post includes bear activities for preschoolers.

Super Fun & Easy Bear Activities for Preschoolers

Bear Activities for Preschoolers

My Montessori instructors emphasized the importance and effectiveness of taking a topic, whatever it may be, across all areas of the classroom. I always found this approach challenging but highly worthwhile as I saw it play out in the school.

I hope to share some of my ideas, some borrowed (of which I will source), and some original ideas. I hope you find inspiration in these Unit posts. The following post includes bear activities for preschoolers.

Fun Bear Facts for Kids

Bears are among the most popular animals in the world. They have long been a source of both fascination and fear. Although they are often considered dangerous predators, bears are naturally shy and gentle. They are also inquisitive creatures, and their antics often amuse children and adults alike.

A brown bear standing on his rear paws

Bear Fun Facts for Kids

  • Bears are found on every continent except for Antarctica.
  • There are eight bear species, including the polar bear, brown bear, and black bear.
  • Bears typically live for around 20 years in the wild, although some captive bears have been known to live for up to 40 years.
  • Bears hibernate during the winter months, but they do not indeed sleep throughout this time.
  • A bear’s diet consists mainly of plants, although they will also eat small mammals such as rabbits.
  • Baby bears are called cubs, and a group of cubs is known as a litter.
  • Male bears are called boars, while female bears are called sows.
  • Bears are excellent swimmers, and some species even enjoy catching fish!

So, next time you see a bear at the zoo or in a nature documentary, remember these fun facts. You might learn something new about these incredible animals.

Bear Activities for Preschoolers

Check out the bear cubs playing in my backyard!

This picture of a cub and her mama is from our trail camera.
This picture of a cub and her mama is from our trail camera.

Bear Activities for Kids

Bear Themed Math Activities

  • Bear Counters can match with Safari’s Mini Black Bears, gems, or clothespins.
  • Bears in a Den is a simple Numeration work. I used this printable of a REAL bear den with Safari’s Mini Black Bears. You can have the child roll dice or write a number on the card for the child to match.

Bear-Themed Sensorial Activities 

A bear cub climbing a tree

Bear Themed Practical Life Activities

  • Bear Matching with Clothespins is great for fine motor skills but also pre-sensorial and pre-math. I prepared clothespins with small amounts of various (craft) fur to loosely match the fur of the bears in our unit. Then I printed out images of bears with multiple numbers on the cards. The object is to match the clothespins to the cards with the matching number.
  • I made a few Bear Lacing Cards using the Ursa Major and Ursa Minor Constellations. Easy. I printed out a “dot to dot” of the constellation, laminated it, then circle hole punched the card for the lace.
  • Bear Tracks with Playdough is a great shelf work. Kids love it. We used Safari ‘s Large North American Black Bear.
  • Tonging with Safari’s Minis Black Bears
  • Sorting with Safari’s Minis Black Bears and Safari’s MiniPolar Bears.

Bear-Themed Language Activities

Geography Activities

  • Where in the world do bears live? I created this Bear Geography template available in my TeachersPayTeachers store to match a species of bear to their home in our world. Grab a globe and make the work a bit more hands-on. Talk about the habitat and how bears might live differently in different parts of the world.

Zoology Activities

History Activities

Art Activities

Science Activities

  • Balancing Bears using a simple balance scale or hanging with bears tied on each end to find a balance
  • I plan to focus a bit on what happens to the body during hibernation. I found many excellent hibernation facts online. We’ll also measure our pulse sitting and then running. I have this beautiful print of the human heart that we’ll closely examine and discover.
  • Animals in Winter Science Experiment

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.