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The Best & Most Heartwarming Children’s Books about Winter


Children’s Books about Winter

children's book for winter

Learning about Hibernators and Adaptors

Over and Under the Snow by Kate Messner is a lovely story of a father and his child cross country skiing through the winter woods. The illustrations and writing is soothing and melodic as the two explore the winter woods. The book gives us a glimpse into life above and below the snow for wintering animals. The end of the book includes more details on the animals and their secret world under the snow.

Exploring Evergreens and Deciduous Trees

I have written about the book Winter Trees by Carole Gerber in a prior Winter Activity post. We continue to revisit the outdoor adventure that a boy and his dog take during the winter, identifying trees in snow covered forest. The boy uses his eyes and his hands to take a close look at the shape, the bark and the leaves of seven common trees. The book is a celebration of life during the winter.

Creating a Family Outdoor Winter Tradition

Owl Moon by Jane Yolen is calming bring the silence this father and his child are experiencing within the pages of this book. The book teaches about the lovely winter outdoor adventure of Owling. You can hear the crunch of the snow and feel the coolness of the crisp winter air. I am enamored with the tradition of Owling and hope to introduce the experience to my sons soon.

For more Winter learning:

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