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Graphing Activity for Preschoolers



I love Montessori Math. I adore this pre-math graphing activity presented by my classmates Rashida (of International Montessori Academy in Bellevue) & Chrystal (of Learning Tree Montessori in Seattle) during our Montessori Math training. So simple yet extremely powerful to the learning mind. Another great part about this work is that it is versatile. You can adapt it to the age of the child, to the current theme or interest of your class and mix up images to keep the work interesting to children.

Graphing Activity Purpose

Students will be introduced to probability with die and will graph their results after each roll. The child, through graphing, will be comparing images in one format with two other formats. Organization and order will be practiced while recording their results on the graph.


Materials Useful for this Preschool Graphing Activity

  • Tray
  • Bowls
  • Six sided picture die
  • Several copies of each of the pictures from the die
  • Graph
  • Paper with the same pictures as the dice along the x axis



Aims of this Preschool Math Activity

  • Organization
  • Order
  • Scanning
  • Graphing
  • Language




Process of this Preschool Math Activity

  • Introduce to the materials to the child: “This is a die. This is a graph.”
  • Discuss the images on the die. Point out how they match those images on the graph.
  • Roll the die. Point out the rolled image and find the bowl with that image.
  • Pick up the correct images, exaggerating as you seek it
  • Then find the image on the x axis of the graph and places the image in the space directly above the image.
  • Repeat the process
  • Ask the child if he thinks he knows what image will be rolled next. Here introduce basic probability language (e.g. experiment, likelihood, chance, possible outcomes and event).
  • Ask the child if he would like a turn
  • Continue to ask the child questions
  • After the child has completely filled one column of the graph, talk about what he sees or notices about the graph
  • Place the work on the shelf and let the child know that he may use this material on his own


Extensions & Variations of this Preschool Math Activity

  • Use stamps to record results
  • Glue the images to the graph when recording the results
  • Use real objects
  • Use other images
  • Use a pair of die


What are your favorite ways to graph with young children? We’ve graphs nuts, legos, blocks, eye color, shoe color and height. I’d love to hear your ideas. Please leave me a comment! It makes my day!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.