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My Top Picks for Holiday Gifts for Montessori Teachers


There was a year when I failed…I know, I know…it is the thought that counts, but I took the easy path.

You know what “they” say about the easy path? It’ll make you week over time. Truth.

I will admit that I was pregnant with our third son and completely overwhelmed with “stuff” going on with out second son…but I take full ownership of the pathetic attempt at thanking my sons teachers for being nothing short of amazing (says the daughter of a teacher).

Are you ready for what I gave?

I am so embarassed…

…but I want to be honest.

Starbucks gift cards {lots of whimpering}.

Yup. I gave each teacher the envelop, my head bowed a bit, hugged each teacher, and bolted out of the school with my kids.

Every year since that time, I have made it a personal goal to involve my sons and to truly make time for giving a thoughtful, a meaningful gift to my sons teachers because, let’s be honest, teachers are amazing human beings who not only educate our kids but they take care of our kids.


With that off my chest, I am here to offer you the top picks for holiday gifts for school teachers.

The best holiday gift ideas for Montessori teachers

12 Top Holiday Gifts for Montessori Teachers

Personalized Stationary

Get to know your child’s teacher by engaging him or her in conversation or asking your child about his teacher’s specific interests (which is a great exercise!), then head on over to Minted, design, and order personalized stationary to his or her liking. The process takes ten minutes or less. I promise.

Unique Gift Cards

Forget about Starbucks, think hard about the teacher’s habits. My mom was a teacher for nearly 4 decades and she was always buying supplies out of her own pocket. I know it isn’t exciting but if it is all about the teacher and not because you’re taking a short cut like I did 4 years ago, the you’re good. Consider Amazon, Micheals, Montessori Services, or my printables shop!

Personalized Journals

Minted offers personalized journals and planners that are nothing short of gorgeous!

Share a Family Tradition

I like to include a tin of a baked item that reflects a family tradition. In our case, we could bake my grandmother’s cowboy cookies and include the recipe (the original copy is a nice touch).

A Handwritten Letter

If I am feeling particularly reflective, I write a short letter to my sons’ teachers. I like to include a note from my sons’, too. The letters are handwritten.

Interview Your Child

This gift is so much fun! Interview your child about his or her teacher! The answers will make you laugh and make you cry! Present in a nice format to your teacher in card or small book and watch your child’s teacher light up. I created these interview questions as a starting point for you.

Housecleaning Service

Who doesn’t love a little pampering around the house? Give your child’s teacher the gift of a clean home!  If you don’t have a housecleaner in mind, ask around and you will be sure to get a great reference!

Wine of the Month or Tea of the Month Club

However, your child’s teacher likes to relax and chill out after a long day with a classroom full of kids, a wine of the month or tea of the month club works wonders.  There are several “Wine of the Month” clubs including the cleverly named Wine of the Month Club. Cellars Club is another option. Teabox and PlumDeluxe are a great gift option for tea drinkers!

Monthly Flower Delivery

My husband and I really make an effort to have fresh flowers in our home. There is something about the smell and the oxygen the flowers delivered to the interior of the home that makes a huge difference in mood and ambiance. ProFlowers offers a monthly flower club. Check it out here!

Museum Membership

I love museum memberships! Such a blessing and a motivation to be able to visit a museum with all the conveniences of a membership. Challenge yourself and your child to consider a museum his or her teacher may appreciate the most.

The Gift of Meat

We love Snake River Farms and these guys have loads of holiday gift ideas!

For the One Who Love to Cook

Flirty Aprons is so much fun. I got lost on their site checking out all the cool aprons for adults and kids. You can even customize an apron! What a great gift idea for teachers!

On a final note…

I challenge you to get to know your child’s teacher. Ask your child questions about favorite colors, what he or she likes to do during free time, engage in a conversation with your child’s teacher about his or her LIFE.

I hope you enjoyed this list of holiday gifts for teachers!

Have fun!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.