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Montessori in the Home: Fostering Independence with a Light Switch Extender


You have to get a light switch extender. I have recently become obsessed with a new product: The Kidswitch Light Switch Extender. The idea is the same as with my Faucet Extender obsession: Create an environment where children can take care of themselves.

Benefits – Light Switch Extender

The benefits of a light switch extender are numerous but THREE that immediately pop into my mind are:

  1. Fosters independence and subsequently self-esteem in our children
  2. Gives them practice at vital practical life skills required for life
  3. Frees up time for us parents to do other things for our family

So I went in search of something to help my son better reach the light switch. The stool worked okay but was cumbersome. I could attach a string or some kind of pretty tie but my son would find a way to snatch it off the switch.

Lightswitch Extender

Then I found the Kidswitch Light Switch Extender. I immediately fell in love. The package comes with three to put in various places around the house and installing it is a piece of cake.

Finally, it is adorable with a moon that glows in the dark.  My son loves this addition to our bathroom and his bedroom. I find myself saying, “Oh, sweetie, will you switch the light off?” He is excited to help and it gets me one step ahead of chasing his little brother.

This product is wonderful. I highly recommend it.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.