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Bird Activities for Preschoolers


I have vivid memories of red cardinals visiting the birds feed during the whitest and shortest days of the winter season.  The vibrant red ricocheted off the glistening white of newly fallen snow.

Always fascinated with the adaptation of these birds, I studied birds over the years through observation mainly. I always anticipated spring with nests, eggs, and eventual chirping.

Montessori Bird Unit

I recently began homeschooling my youngest son. At 4 years old his schooling with me is limited to max two hours a day. Then we’re out and about exploring when I carefully observe him as he develops interests in various topics.

One such topic, much to my delight, is birds.

Bird Activities for Preschoolers

So, of course, as any Montessori-trained homeschooling mother would do, I began making materials as we read about birds, their beaks, their nests, their feet, and their sounds.

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Take time to listen to birds’ calls and talk about how the sound makes you feel, why the sound is what it is, and so on. Then, go out for a walk and see if you can hear a bird’s call. Then discuss the rhyme and reason behind the call.

Listening activities are a big hit with kids and will engage them in the learning process. There are amazing apps put out by the Audubon Society that will add a great deal to the learning & teaching in your homeschool.

Types of Birds Beaks

The shapes, sizes, & functionality of birds’ beaks will spark an interest in your child. You can lean into your child’s personality. Is he a gentle, nectar-sipping hummingbird or a carnivorous raptor such as the bald eagle, or maybe a “chisler” like the woodpecker? Find that hook and go with it.


Montessori 3-Part-Card – Types of Beaks


Types of Bird Nests

Equally as fascinating is how a bird creates his nest, the why, the how, and the where…


Montessori 3-Part-Cards – Types of Nests

Montessori Bird Activities, Ideas, and Resources

Bird Books to Use for Learning

Here is a short list of the books we used in our learning this week!

Birds: A Field Guide

Backyard Birds: A Field Guide


National Geographic Kids’ Bird GuideNational Geographic Kids' Bird GuideBirds, Nests, & Eggs: Take Along Guide

Other resources that added to our learning include:

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.