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Learn about the Montessori Directress


Role of the Directress or Guide

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“Historically, the designation for the lead teacher in a Montessori classroom; some schools still refer to the lead teacher as “guide.” In Montessori education, the role of the instructor is to direct or guide individual children to purposeful activity based upon the instructor’s observation of each child’s readiness. The child develops his own knowledge through hands-on learning with didactic materials he chooses. ” {Source: American Montessori Society}

The teacher in a Montessori classroom has a special role in observer and prepared of the environment. Maria Montessori wrote extensively on the Role of the Teacher in the classroom and the spiritual journey a teacher must go on before and during his or her time in the classroom. She viewed the teacher as a scientist, needing not to teach children but to be the one that connects children’s potential with their environment. The emphasis Maria Montessori placed on the spiritual and scientific training of teachers is paramount to the philosophy.

Here are   my favorite quotes on the Directress:

“There are two sins, in particular, which tend to distort our true vision of the child. They are pride and anger. Hence, humility and patience – their opposites – are the virtues most needed by the would be directress.”E.M. Standing

“The skill, care, and devotion with which the directress gets ready the environment is the very condition of the children’s freedom.” E.M. Standing

“The teacher’s part and its techniques are analogous to those of the valet; they are to serve, and to serve well: to serve the spirit.” Absorbent Mind

“The Role of the Montessori directress resembles more that of a guardian angel than a teacher of the old type.” E.M. Standing

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