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Time to Rotate – Montessori February Shelves


Changing up your Montessori shelves can be fun or overwhelming. Hopefully, I will help you make it fun by providing you with a few ideas I’ve brainstormed over the past few weeks. This post includes ideas for a Montessori February Theme. Enjoy!

February shelves

“One of the reasons why children feel a sense of calm and repose (spiritually) in the Montessori school is because it is an environment where everything has its proper place and must keep to it.”

E.M. Standing
february shelf work

Montessori February Shelves

Practical Life – February Shelves

Science – February Shelves

Geography – February Shelves

  • US Landmark match
  • Study of Washington D.C.

Math – February Shelves

february shelves
[Image Source:]

Engineering – February Shelves

Cupid bow and arrow using simple materials such as crafts sticks and blocks like this super cool bow and arrow from

Art – February Shelves

Sensorial – February Shelves

  • Heart sticker or stamp pattern cards
  • Size sequencing hearts like this beautiful sizing hearts set from Etsy
  • Red and pink color grading paint samples or tonal painting strips (free from the hardware store!)
  • DIY Wooden Heart Memory Game – I used the wooden hearts I purchased from Amazon for a variation on cards and counters. Then I thought about what my boys love right now. They love Star Wars. So, I found mini stickers and applied pairs to the wooden hearts. The boys had a lot of fun with it.
February shelves

Language  – February Shelves

  • Valentine Key Language 3 Part Cards
  • February Themed Rainbow Letters
  • Cupid & Arrow Match – Help cupid hit his target worksheet with pink, blue, and green level reading (you can apply this idea to other learning areas, too, such as math).
  • “Fill my Heart” Word Families is simple. You have a heart-shaped bucket, envelope, dish, or 2D heart for the child to “fill”. For example, if your looking for words in the “at” family, the child would find the appropriate images and glue (or fill) the heart with those images.

These ideas are just a start. I will update you as I plan out for President’s Day.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.