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Resist Painting – Toddler & Preschool Activity

I am so excited about “Resist Painting” with our children. We actually have a neighbor who does AMAZING resist painting with wax and other great materials. So, seeing some of her artwork inspired me. Resist painting is a concept that involves placing tape (or other material) onto a canvas and painting over it.

Once the paint dries and you remove the tape, the result is an interesting design with crisp and often funky edges.

Materials for Resist Painting with Toddlers


I didn’t take a picture of the painter’s tape laid out on the clean tape. We created a “J” (my son’s first initial) with the tape. You can kind of see the outline in this above picture.

The color mixing was beautiful.

He really wanted to make sure the sides of the canvas were painted too. Once we were done painting the canvas, we let it sit out to dry before peeling the tape off.

Peeling off the tape from the canvas was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I don’t have any images. For a 2.5-year-old, the process of peeling the tape was as cool as painting the canvas. He love it when the tape revealed a “J”. The design you make with the tape doesn’t have to be perfect (clearly this “J” is not perfect) and that adds to the beauty of the result. We’re going to hang this beauty on J’s door.

I look forward to completing a painting like this each year with my sons. Great activity for toddlers on up. Easy and relatively inexpensive. Next time, one thing I will do differently is to use a deeper canvas to give us more surface area. I forget what the technical canvas term is for these types of canvases but most art stores will be helpful to you.

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