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Sensory Activities for Babies: Sensory Bottles


The Montessori quote below sums up the beauty of taking the world through our senses. Our senses open up our learning and exploring our environments.  Sensory activities for babies seems obvious, right? Years ago, with my oldest son, I discovered the joyous wonders of sensory tubs and sensory bottles (also known as discovery bottles) for babies.Sensory tubs are loads of fun, easy to put together, and you get to be really creative with fillers and bottle themes throughout the year.

Unique Sensory Bottle Ideas

Young children find sensory bottles intriguing and, for us adults, this sensory learning tool is mess free. Discovery bottles are a wonderful addition to any learning space. Plus sensory bottles for babies can add a sweet little detail to your home or classroom.  These learning tools are arguably the biggest bang for your buck! Below are seven sensory bottles for babies to get you started and to hopefully inspire you! Enjoy!

Montessori Senses Quote

Sensory Bottles for Babies

Per my good friend, Asia, from Fun at Home with Kids (have you checked out her amazing book yet? 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids is definitely worth the buy!), I used VOSS Water Bottles, which are not inexpensive but worth every dime because they will last and the bottles are pleasing to the eye. If you don’t want to make the investment, any clear bottle will do!

Discovery Bottles for Infants

Materials for Sensory Bottles for Babies

In the above seven bottles, I used natural objects, gems, beads, corn kernels, fake leaves, colored pasta shells, white and green sand, beans, fake cranberries, rice, and mini sensory balls. You have a ton of license in what you use as a filler. I enjoy using objects that make different types of sounds (sand versus pasta shells or corn kernels, for example) or using liquids that move at different speeds (water versus hair condition, for example). Watching children pick up on this minutia is an amazing experience.

Approach for Sensory Bottles for Babies

  • Buy VOSS Water Bottles, or used recycled bottles.
  • Go into your kitchen or local grocery market and peruse the selection. You will be surprised at the goodies right under your nose in your own home. Walking through the aisles of a grocery store with the intention of creating discovery bottles is fun and eye-opening. Have fun with it!
  • Fill bottles
  • Secure the top with an adhesive like glue or tape (optional)
  • Hand the bottles on over to the baby and observe the joy!

By the way, if you want to try another great sensory activity for babies, try this sensory treasure basket, these sensory tubs, and these sensory gloves!

Tell me about your sensory bottles! Thanks for stopping by. Check out our Facebook community for lots a Montessori living and learning goodness!

I hope we inspired you today!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.