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3 Myths to Simplifying Life & Why You Need to Avoid Them


If you are like me you have tried to “get organized” at least 100 times over your lifetime. In my experience, I always ended up in the same place, back to the beginning of feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.

Basically, clutter overcame me and I wanted to scream.


Simplifying myths come at us every day. We all live these myths! So how do we avoid these failed attempts at simplification?

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simplifying failures

3 Simplifying Myths & Why People Fail

#1 – Diving in without looking at the big picture

Without a plan and without thinking inwardly at how you define simple, you won’t get to a sustainable simple way of life. You have to step back and define your why so that you may have clarity moving forward to truly simplify your life.

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#2 – Viewing simplifying as organizing

It is not that simple folks. Simplifying your life goes way beyond the closets and kitchen cabinets. Simplifying your life is a whole life journey that involves your mind, your body, your home, and your family.

#3 – Using spring cleaning as the time to declutter your life

We all love spring cleaning, right? What better time to start fresh with the birds and the plants! Terrific. So, every year take a few weekends to kill your time and energy away from your family to clean out that basement or to organize that pantry! Take trips to the goodwill and fill those trash bags! Only to meet that same overwhelmed and stressed out feeling a few months, or maybe even weeks, later. Then start the process of “simplifying” all over again the next year. We want more than that short-term fix, right?

Resources to Help with Simplifying


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.