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The 7 Most Beautiful & Easy-to-Use Toddler Bedtime Routine Charts


Are you struggling with getting your toddler to bed on time and sticking to a consistent bedtime routine? If so, you aren’t alone. Many parents find themselves spending too much time negotiating with their toddlers at the end of the day over when it’s time for lights out. But having an established routine chart for your little one can go a long way in making sure those nightly negotiations are kept to a minimum.

Not only will it give them structure but it’ll also help keep them busy and occupied while they’re waiting for bedtime. And if you choose one that’s easy to understand (with fun designs!) then you won’t need to spend hours teaching your child how to use it – they’ll pick up all the information quickly thanks to its visual cues!

Here, we’ve collected 7 of the most beautiful & easy-to-use toddler bedtime routine charts currently available – perfect for helping both parent and child get better sleep every night!

This post includes the BEST toddler bedtime routine charts. I spent months researching and scouring the internet and beyond to find the most beautiful and most effective toddler bedtime routine charts out there! Why? Because establishing a routine is ridiculously important to child development and your family’s mental health.

Lauren Tamm of Military Mom and Wife and parenting expert emphasizes in her viral article Boundaries, Routines, and Early Bedtimes: 13 Habits That Raise Well-Adjusted Kids that:

There’s so much of childhood that is new and challenging for kids. Learning self-control and empathy. Learning how to be a friend and interact with others.

These are all very BIG things for kids. Using something as simple as printable routine cards can help kids feel grounded and relaxed. In fact, knowing what to expect at mealtimes, mornings and bedtimes can bring a sense of relief to even the most carefree child.

My All Time Favorite Toddler Bedtime Routine Charts

Toddler Bedtime Routine Charts

Toddler Bedtime Printable from Etsy

Custom Personalized Kid Routine Checklist

The author of this best-selling bedtime routine checklist makes it easy to customize for your child and your family. She designs the product with cute and simple visual icons to make it easy for a toddler to follow.

Help Your Child with Nighttime Routine - Toddler Evening Routine Chart

Toddler Evening Routine Checklist

The design of this checklist is straightforward and easy on the eye. The illustrations are colorful and simple. This checklist won’t overwhelm you or your toddler. 

Checklist for a Boy

Bedtime Routine Checklist for a Boy

I like the active voice in this checklist letting a child know that it is time to take action on his routine. Plus the colors remind me of superheroes and who doesn’t love to think about superheroes especially when tackling an evening routine?

Routine Cards for Kids

Printable Toddler Bedtime Routine Cards

By the same author a few checklists up, I chose to display this product because of the format. Having cards allows the parents variations on how to use them.

For example, you could laminate the cards, put velcro on the back, use clips, and so on. There are a variety of ways to implement these handy routine cards into your nighttime system. 

Colorful Toddler Bedtime Checklist

Bedtime Checklist for Toddlers

Super simple & colorful. I appreciate the color scheme and the inviting tone of this product.

Magnetic Routine Chart

Magnetic Routine Chart

Kids love magnets and a magnetic routine chart works extremely well in any home. Toddlers can easily keep track of their progress by moving a magnetic card from one side of the routine chart to the other side. Super easy for kids to use!

Adorable Evening Routine Chart

Adorable Toddler Evening Routine Chart

I couldn’t resist this beautiful evening routine chart. So inviting to kids. The colors are calm and peaceful while the illustrations make you want to be a part of the scene.

If you want to keep exploring, check out this list of 12 Brilliant chore charts for kids!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.