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Can I Afford Montessori?


The comparison between “Montessori & Traditional Schooling” is not new. Understanding the differences and similarities between the approaches to education is important and has been deeply vetted over the years.

However, does the debate miss a critical point?

One of the biggest criticisms of Montessori is the expense of sending your child to a Montessori school and the expense of the materials.

Is Montessori is affordable to the masses?

Trevor Eissler of Montessori Madness will open your eyes to the “debate” from a different perspective but not without a bit of controversy.

Watch Trevor’s take on Montessori Versus Traditional Schooling in this less than 6-minute video.

Why is Montessori So Expensive?

Okay, we get his point. Montessori ignites a child’s desire to learn and conventional school destroys it.  Still, we have to press deeper. Does the video miss a point? Montessori is expensive and most families have no other option than to send their child to a traditional school.

Is Montessori Affordable to the Masses?

Montessori Affordable to All

Here is my take on Montessori Versus Conventional:

  1. Sending a child Montessori is expensive and simply is not accessible to a majority of families for financial reasons. That is a fact.
  2. Montessori – the lifestyle and the philosophy – is accessible to parents and teachers at little to no cost by learning about the basic foundation and the key tenets of the approach. Montessori does not have to be an approach to learning that begins and ends at private classroom doors. You can start here with these Montessori books likely available at your local library. I cannot emphasize enough that Montessori is a lifestyle that can be embraced simply by the way you speak to your children and set up your home.
  3. Do your research. Maybe access to Montessori schools IS available to your child for FREE. Did you know that there are lots of Montessori public and charter schools popping up all over the United State?. In fact, there are over 400 in existence according to the American Montessori Society.
  4. Montessori has as much to do with parenting as it has to do with teaching. Learn more about Montessori parenting.
  5. The topic is not black & white. Trevor is making an extreme point. In defense of many conventional schools, not all are alike and many are seeking to change the approach to education.
  6. Think creatively and holistically about your child’s education. Seth Godin (a fan of free-range parenting & an innovator in education) sends his kids to public school in New York City. He considers himself a homeschooling parent when his children are at home. That is when they have conversations about various topics that may not come up in a public school for a variety of reasons. That is when he pushes them with questions and helps them develop their analytical skills. Plus there is all the social and emotional development.

Consider Montessori Madness’ video and don’t judge it one way or another. He gets us thinking not about good versus bad, etc, but instead about child development and how our kids – no matter where they attend school – best learn. Thought to provoke to say the least. What do you think?


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.