Unique Early Reader Books

Home Grown Books Adventure Set

When Home Grown Books approached me about reviewing their product, I jumped on the opportunity. Most of you know that I had a baby recently making our brood cap out at five. As a result I have been declining offers for reviews and sponsored posts. After reading a post on these books on one of [...]

How to Make a Movable Pulley

Make a Pulley Feature

This post includes a guide to how to make a movable pulley and project based learning book recommendations. My sons enjoy building with blocks, with track, with Legos, with beans, with marshmallows, with straws, with rocks, with sticks…you name it, they like to build with it. So, when I came across the book Explore Simple [...]

Montessori Inspired Bear Unit

Bear Unit

My Montessori instructors emphasized the importance and effectiveness of taking a topic, whatever it may be, across all areas of the classroom. I always found this approach challenging but extremely worthwhile as I saw it play out in the classroom. I hope to share with you some of my ideas, some borrowed (of which I [...]

Finger Tap Painting Activity for Kids

Finger Painting

Combine music, listening skills, fine motor skills, and art with this Finger Tap Painting Activity for Kids. I am a huge fan of all of MaryAnn Kohl’s books. The books cover disciplines like math and science AND make it fun for children by combining nature, movement, and process art. In my view, these books are the [...]

Preschool Geography Activity with Rocks

Rocks Preschool Geography Activity Feature

Okay, it’s official. I am obsessed with rocks and minerals. This post highlights a fun preschool geography matching activity with rocks and landmarks. In Montessori, geography includes physical (like learning about land forms) and culture. This activity falls into both areas within geography.  Are you with me? The activity is simple: Matching a landmark to the [...]

Easy & Inexpensive Activity with Calendars

preschool movement activity with calendar

This kids activity is easy & inexpensive, my favorite kind of activity! Repurposing and reusing materials for children’s activities makes me so very happy. So, I frequent Goodwill often. I was there a few months ago. I came across a stack of beautiful outdated calendars. I grabbed a few calendars thinking of the possibilities for home [...]

Teaching Computer Science to Kids

computer science intro

This post includes a great way of introducing and  teaching computer science to kids. Enjoy! Teaching Computer Science to Kids Purpose To introduce child to basic coding using binary numbers 0 and 1 through beginning picture imaging Age Appropriate 5-6 years old Prerequisites Knowledge of zero Focus & Concentration (Normalized) Pattern Recognition Materials Key Card (upper [...]

Children’s Books that Teach Courage


Using children’s book that teach courage is a great way to introduce a big topic. First, let’s take a step back: how beautiful is the etymology of the word “courage”? Middle English corage “the heart as a source of feelings, spirit, confidence,” from early French curage (same meaning), from coer “heart,” from Latin cor “heart”  [...]