Learning about Frogs in Preschool


We were thrilled to find tree frog spawn in our pond. The males frogs have been croaking up a storm in our forest in the evenings. The rhythm is beautiful but it sure does make me wonder where they all hide during the day. The chorus sounds like one of thousands. The eggs really are [Read On]

Learning about Bridges with Preschoolers


  {Thanks to Brian Galindo’s “15 Wonderful Quotes about Life from Children’s Books” for this image.} Young children are budding engineers, if we let them. My sons, ages 3 and 4, adore the book, Iggy Peck, Architect¬†by Andrea Beaty.¬†There is so much joy in watching their desire to learn more ignite right in front of [Read On]

Last Minute Easy Valentine’s Day Ideas for Teachers and Friends


It is not too late to get a bit festive for Valentine’s Day. I adore this day as a celebration of compassion and friendship. I wanted to bring a bit of that flavor and energy into my family’s life. I didn’t do anything crazy crafty, nor did I spend lots of money. Here is what [Read On]

Honeybee Pre-school Graphing Activity


Many of the fruits and vegetables we eat depend on honeybees for pollination. This activity is fun while teaching children about the importance of the honeybee within our ecosystem. The kiwi, watermelon, cantaloupe, apple, almond and blueberries are examples of plants whose survival depends essentially on the honeybee. Hope you have fun with this activity, [Read On]

Preschool Math {Honeybee Addition & Subtraction}


Math should be fun, especially for young children, right? Absolutely! Math in early childhood Montessori focuses on prepare the mathematical mind for problem solving, logical and critical thinking. Young children are exposed to shapes, patterns and spatial relationships that lend to more complex mathematical concepts later in life. For my Montessori training, we have to [Read On]

Montessori Sensorial Variations & Extensions II


I recently wrote about Montessori extensions and variations for the Knobbed Cylinders, the Pink Tower, the Broad Stair and the Red Rods. In this post, I further explore Montessori Sensorial extensions and variations by reviewing ideas for the Knobless Cylinders and Color Tablets. Knobless Cylinders Construct Towers in each corner of the mat Arrange yellow [Read On]