Project Montessori at Home: Nature Basket

Maria Montessori believed nature was inspiration for learning. As many of us witness on a daily basis, children are fascinated with nature. Montessori encouraged teachers to take their classroom outside and to get the children out into nature because there is a lot to learn but also because it inspires a “natural” desire to learn.

So, with that said, now that the rapid change of seasons is upon us (well, at least here in Seattle) and the temperatures declining at a fast pace, I am more conscious of making sure we get outdoors for exploration and some days simply for fresh air and a bit of sunlight. So I am particularly focused on our Nature Basket.

My two year old is definitely interested as we’ve added items he’s collected over the past several months. The basket is a lovely reminder of place we’ve traveled and explored and also a reminder of the great outdoors. I imagine as my sons grow older they will be a bit more into the concept but for now simply seeing the collection is joy enough for this household.

Creating a nature basket is super easy to do! All is takes is a basket (I purchased this one at Goodwill for $1.50) and items collected from the outdoors like shells, rocks, pine cones, etc. We place our basket out in the open so that it simply exists in our space.

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