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18 Wishbone Ideas and Activities


This post includes 18 Wishbone Ideas and Activities to enjoy with kids and your family throughout the holiday season. The discovery of and the subsequent breaking apart of the Wishbone was always a big part of my childhood Thanksgiving holiday.

I don’t remember how we chose the two lucky family members to perform the coveted pulling apart of the wishbone but I sure do remember that moment being a special one. You know the tradition, right? The wishbone is attached to the breast within the turkey’s chest.

Once the meat is gone and enough time has past so the wishbone is dry and brittle, two people each take one end of the bone, make a wish, and pull. Whoever ends up with the larger part of the bone gets their wish. Lovely, right?

So, as we march through the holidays I give you Wishbone Activities. Enjoy!

Wishbone Activities

18 Wishbone Ideas and Activities

Keep this joyous holiday interesting by incorporating these Wishbone activities into your home and classroom. First, buy these wishbones from Lucky Break Wishbone.


Learn about the parts of the turkey with these free Parts of the Turkey cards from Montessori Soul.


Break the wishbone. Examine how the wishbone broke apart. Ask what might have caused it to break apart in such a way?  Experiment with different forces, directions, and timing. For older children, graph the result.


Paint with the wishbones. Dip into paint and make prints.  Display the artwork.  Paint wishbones and create a collage.


Bury wishbones in a sensory tub filled with dirt, beans, or rice. Dig for the coveted wishbone treasure.


Bypass all activities and simply display the icon in your home or child’s play space. I ordered this piece of Wishbone artwork found on Etsy makes a nice statement, seasonal or not.


I saw this Wishbone pin on Pinterest that read: “Y. That perfect letter. The wishbone, fork in the road, empty wineglass. The question we ask over and over.”  Kind of perfect, right?

Fine Motor

Set up a tonging or tweezing activity with a tray, two bowls, one of those bowls filled with wishbones, and a transferring tool.


Trace around the wishbone with various colored crayons and markers.


Pass the wishbone around at a circle time or a meal. Speak about gratitude, or about something you appreciate about someone in the room.


I am not going to lie, this Wishbone Activity may be my favorite!  Make these ridiculously easy chocolate wishbones! Yes, you heard me correctly! Go for it!


Cover your Wishbones with iron fillings and use a magnet wand to seek out the wishbone in a sensory tub.


Make Wishbone Placecard holders for a special event or holiday


Find the Wishbone. Hide wishbones around your home or yard. Leave clues


Go on a walk outside. Find the wishbone shape in trees and other things.


Create wishbones from clay and give as a gift for teachers or house guests.


“Who has the wishbone?” This game is a great one for circle time. Guide the child to the one who holds the wishbone by saying “warm” or “cold”. The kids will love this game.


Create this simple and classic Wishbone plate without having to break the bank. Plus children can create their own plates.  All you need is an Elmer’s paint pen and a reasonably priced plate. Check out this tutorial for more detail on how to make a wishbone plate.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.