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5 Montessori Math Nature Activities with Math Printables


Learning outdoors is a great way to make teaching and learning loads of fun for children, teachers, and parents. These Montessori Math Printable cards can be used on their own, but are offered as part of my eBook: Taking Montessori Outside.

With a purchase of the eBook, you gain access to printables as they become available to extend the learning activities offered in the book. You may also purchase the sets individually or as a bundle separate from the eBook.

Taking Montessori Outside

Montessori Nature Activities

Montessori Math Pattern CArds

Pattern Cards are versatile in a  Montessori classroom fitting nicely into Sensorial, Language, and Math. Plus, if you add a clothespin or scissor cutting to the work, you even add Practical Life into the activity working those fine motor skills. The set comes with 12 pattern cards with real images and the corresponding control card for a built in control of error.

Playing Fetch with children is a fantastic way to combine learning and movement. Often done within the Montessori indoor classroom with beads, objects, and a variety of other items, the Fetch Game is easily adapted to the outdoor classroom. Use these cards as a guide for you and the children. Pair the children up and set them on their way fetching various numbers of various objects. Nature Math Printable Line Match

This Number Image Match printable is simple yet a powerful learning tool. The Montessori Math worksheet has two columns, one with real images and the other with numbers. The child’s task is to match the objects to the appropriate number simply by drawing a line from the objects to the numbers. Encourage the child to make a booklet or draw the objects and practice writng the numbers.

Montessori Nature Numeration

Also part of the Taking Montessori Outside eBook series, these Montessori Numeration Cards are a great add on to outdoor activities bringing the learning full circle. Made with real images, these Numeration Cards invite the child to match one to one and to count images without the number prompt. Preparing the cards by print on cardstock & laminate for safe keeping.  Use the Montessori Math cards with gems to have the child work one to one correspondence, or use as a matching work.

Montessori Math One to One Correspondence

I love these Montessori Math cards. I had a lot of fun making them. An effective way to connect outdoor learning (e.g. counting seeds) and math work, the cards are made with a sweet seed illustration and brown dots. The child’s goal is to match seeds/beans/gems to the number of dots. The Montessori Math set also comes with blank seed illustrations and cards with seeds and a number.

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