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Perfect YouTube Videos to Teach Science of Sound


My sons are interested in sound. They love echoes. They love to hear various objects make sound and use objects to make sounds. So, I went off in search of some fun and interesting YouTube videos to begin the learning with them. I wanted the videos to draw them into the topic (and wanting to learn more) but I also wanted the videos to be educational. I found these five videos to Teach the Science of Sound. I hope you enjoy them!

Science Videos for Kids

Teaching the Science of Sound

Super cool video that will mesmerize your kids and you! There are no characters in the video. The video demonstrates sound in a way that you have never seen before using Cymatics, the study of visible sound.

Hilarious video that breaks down the science of sound. My four and five year old found this video hilarious. I found it effective. Think: modern Schoolhouse Rocks.

An antiquated, yet endearing, video brought to you by NASA. The video takes place at the Children’s Museum of Virginia

A cute learning youtube video that might drive you nuts but your sound children will love. Perfect for homeschool and supplementing at home. The video demonstrated experiments to demonstrate vibration, pitch, and other concepts within the science of sound. There are “catchy” songs that will help your child learn the concept.

A long but incredibly cool and informative video on the World Science Festival’s channel. This video shows us a performance by sound artists and multi-instrumentalists Polygraph Lounge. I admit the characters are a bit goofy but there is a lot of great learning to be had!

Resources to Learn about Sound

Slinky – visual demonstration of sound waves
Bucket – a great way to “feel” sound vibrations
Jump Rope – another way to visually demonstrate sound waves
Straws – to make a reed with kids by cutting a triangle in the end, pinching your lips around the end, and blowing air into the straw.
Rubber Bands – demonstrate the sound wave and impact on sound

Happy learning!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.