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How to Make Money As A Kid


I wrote a book a few years ago called “Growing Up Centsible: a no-nonsense guide to guiding kids to financial responsibility”. For some reason I failed to include the many easy & convenient ways kids earn money every day!

So, I have the topic on my mind. In fact, I have written many posts on the topic of teaching kids about financial responsibility. One of the biggest questions I hear is “How to Make Money as a Kid?” Hope this post helps.

Ways Kids Earn Money

My boys are 7 and 5.5 and are starting to understand the concept of a dollar. They want to do chores to earn money and use that cash for themselves. Recently, my almost 7-year-old bought his friend’s birthday present. Can we get a “heck yeah”?

If your kids are at the age where they are looking to earn their own money, it can be tricky to find things age-appropriate things for them to do to earn that money. Most kids will want to start earning around age 9 or 10 but, trust me, you can start a lot earlier. You might have to get a bit creative.

To help you get started I came up with this list of 10 ways for kids to earn extra money are all great for them to earn a little bit on the side.

Easy & Convenient Jobs for Kids

Mow Grass/Shovel Snow

No matter what the weather is, most kids will be able to mow grass or shovel snow by the time they are nine or ten years old. Take them around the neighborhood and let them help others with these tasks for $20 or so per yard. If you really want to teach them financial responsibility, make sure to have them pay for their supplies like gasoline for the mower and extra shovels once they are earning.
Ways for Kids to Make Money - Mowing Lawns

Clean and Wash Cars

Cleaning and washing cars is a great job for your kids. Obviously, you won’t want to set them alongside a busy street, but allowing them to go door to door with your neighbors or to ask your friends and family is a great option. You’ll want to help them figure out how much to charge and they will likely need help with supplies to get started.


For older children, babysitting can be a fantastic way to earn extra money. Your kids will need to be old enough to handle watching younger children. This “chore” is a great way to save and to work on being responsible.

Wash Windows

Younger kids can earn by washing windows in homes and cars. It’s fairly easy to work and if you take the time to show them how to not have streaks, they’ll earn over and over again because they’re doing quality work.

Prepare Dinner

Kids can earn extra money by fixing dinner for the family a couple of times each week. Not only will they earn money but you’ll also be teaching them a very useful skill that they will need later on in life. Work those executive functioning skills by having them plan, purchase, and prepare the meal from the start. Complete the work cycle!

Ways for Kids to Make Money - Dog Walker

Walk Dogs

If you have neighbors with pets, your kids can earn extra money walking them. You’ll want to walk with them in case they get a pet that is too big or too hard to handle, but other than that, they should do the majority of the work.

Pet Sitting

Along the same lines as dog walking, older kids can also pet sit for extra money. Have them make flyers and distribute them in the neighborhood to your neighbors, friends and family members. When they go on vacation or travel at all, they can hire your child to feed and water their pets while they’re away.


Along the same lines as pet sitting, housesitting is a great way for both kids and teens to earn money. There isn’t much manual work involved in housesitting. Typically, housesitting involves feeding pets, watering plants, and making sure things are locked up tight. So, it’s great for kids as young as 10 to learn true responsibility.

Ways for Kids to Make Money - Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand

A classic, old favorite, having a lemonade stand can be a great way for kids to earn extra cash. This works especially well if you’re holding a yard sale or something of that nature, but the old standby of setting up at the end of the driveway still works too. A lemonade stand is classic but let your kids imaginations run wild with entrepreneurial ideas.

Start a Youtube Channel

These days, YouTube is a fantastic way for both kids and adults alike to earn. To earn money as a kid, they can start their own vlogging channel, video kid-friendly crafts or recipes, and much more. They will earn money on ad revenue generated from their videos.

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