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Montessori Practical Life: Basting Activity


Are you looking for a practical life activity that offers your child the opportunity to acquire self-care, concentration, and coordination skills? Basting is an often overlooked yet incredibly beneficial Montessori practical life activity.

Not only does this foundational skill encourage fine motor development but it also fosters cognitive skills such as counting, sequencing, problem-solving, and prewriting shapes.

Read on to learn more about why basting is a great addition to your home or classroom!

Montessori Practical Life Basting Activity

  1. Remove the tray from the shelf. Apron procedure.
  2. Identify items on the tray. “This is a sponge.”
  3. “This is a glass with water. This glass is empty. This is a baster.”
  4. Neck.
  5. Hole.”
  6. Bulb.”
  7. Using a 3-finger grip, demonstrate the squeezing of the bulb. (Two fists if necessary.) Place the back on the tray and offer the child a chance to squeeze the bulb.
  8. Place the baster in water, squeezes, and release the bulb slowly, tracing water as it fills the neck.
  9. Transfer the baster to an empty bowl. Squeeze the bulb slowly to release water into an empty glass. Repeat the procedure, moving the water back to the glass on left.

Montessori Practical Life Basting Activity Variations & Extensions

  • Color Mixing
  • Using a smaller dropper (medicine dropper) to continue to fine-tune fine motor skills
  • Using a variety of colors to hook the child and keep the basting activity intriguing for the child
  • Using different liquids and changing the density is always a winner with kids
  • Using a baster with measurements to introduce math & science concepts

Useful Materials for Basting Lesson

  1. Dropper Activity Set from Montessori Services is a one-stop reasonably priced shop for getting the basting activity in your home or classroom quickly and easily
  2. Baster with Rubber BulbBaster with Rubber Bulb

Have fun!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.